His reaction to having scratches on his back

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-they hurt him a lot lmao

-he loves em tho, you feel kinda bad for leaving them lmao

"I knew I was good but I didn't know I was t h a t good."

"Shut up Finn."

-sometimes he admires them in the mirror

-he's low key scared

"Y/n there must've been a demon inside of you."

-he's all proud of himself "wow I'm kind of a boss."

-he goes around with this new confidence acting all hard 😂

-it's all fun and games until his mom sees em, no more sleepovers at Jae's!


-S I S

-he LOVES them

-he brags about them sooo much, and is always showing the off smfh

"Your girl leave marks on your back Finn?"

"No, but you used to."

-he is always reminding you about them like you forgot even though he talks about them like..a year after the fact lmao


-he's like a combo of everyone 😂

-he love hates them, he's always bragging about it

"Guess I'm pretty good huh y/n?"

"Never again Wyatt, never again."

-he doesn't show em off tho, he only wants to keep it between y'all

"You're a real freak."

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