HEY GUYS.(:   HERE IS CHAPTER EIGHTTTTTTT. WOOOOO. And in this chapter, Allia comes, and the reason they call eachother rude names is because they are the type of friends that can call eavother that, with out getting offended :D And yes, I have a friend in real life like that too. HER NAME IS MEGAN :D I love her. k. Loool xD


I woke up on the floor of my bedroom. I saw Harry laying on my bed, nearly falling off. 

"Harry..." I shook him as I sat up from the floor with an aching back. 

"Huh? What?" He muttered, half asleep. 

"It's morning. Come downstairs." I took a look at the alarm clock, and it was 12:02 AM. 

"It's noon, not morning." He laughed and kissed my cheek.

"Oops." I got up and started to walk downstairs. I saw Lou and El sitting on the island talking and drinking tea. 

"Oh hey, beth!" Eleanor said, excitedly. 

"Uhm, hi. You aren't mad about last night...?" 

"No! It's fine! But girl, go get dressed, you look like a racoon attacked you." 

"Well thanks, El." 

"No problem! We're having a girls day! Perrie is coming over!"


"Zayn's new lover." 

"I see. Can my friend come along?" 

"Of course? Does she live back in London or here in Doncaster?"


"Okay! Call her up!"

I jumped into the shower and I started to sing Whistle by Flo Rida.

When I was done I got out and blow dried my hair. 

"Almost done?" A husky, slow voice said knocking at my bathroom door.

"Yeah, Hold on." 

I picked my phone up and dialed Allia's number, which is my friend back in London. I haven't talked to her in for ever. She picked up the phone on the first ring.

"Oh my gosh! I missed you!" She shouted.

"I missed you too. But, listen..."


"Yes, yes, I know. Seriously Allia! You're coming over! TODAY."

"Holy shit. What? WHAT? WHAT?!?" 

"Get your bags, bitch. You coming over. You are staying forever." 

"Fine with me."



"K, hurry up. Meet me at the Doncaster juction. Get on your way once you pack your bags, and let me know when you're there." 

"Bye, Beth!"

"Bye!" I hung up. 

I walked out with my towel wrapped around my body. I got out a pair of jean shorts and a yellow Nike shirt with a black tank top under it. I slipped on my Nike Shox and wnt downstairs. 

"El! Is this fine for today? Or...?" I asked walking in to the kitchen where everyone was sitting.

"Perfect! I didn't know you were sporty!" I had my hair up in a bun with a Nike head band. I wear a lot of Nike. 

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