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"Bro I'm hella

"Thanks for paying for us
Bro" Edwin says laughing
patting Zion on the chest

Zion rolled his eyes before

"I can't run homie, you short
niggas have got an advantage"

"Yeah yeah yeah"  Edwin laughs
as the boys find a table and sit down

A couple of tables away,
Stassie and Gracie were
chatting and were coming
to finishing what they were eating

"What y'all want?" Zion asks
and the boys give him their orders.
Nodding, he goes up and places
an order

"That'll be $52.43" the cashier
smiles and Zion simply nods
reaching into his wallet

"You ready to go?" Stassie
asks Gracie
who nods and stands up

They both brush the crumbs off
of themselves and bin their rubbish
before leaving

"Shit wait, I forgot my lip gloss
in there. I'll just go in
and grab it" says Gracie before
jogging back into Taco Bell

She looks around,
grabs her lipgloss
and decides to go into the

She reapplies a coat of lipgloss,
fixes up her hair slightly
and goes to exit

Well that is until she
bumps into someone

"Ah I'm so sorry" she said
looking up to see a handsome
boy with glasses

"It's cool it's cool, i don't mind
a girl as beautiful as you bumping
into me" he smiles winking

"Aw thank you" she said smiling
"I appreciate it"

"No worries" he smiles, she
smiles once more before
Scooting past him.

"Gracie hurry up" she
sees Stassie whisper yell
causing Gracie to speedwalk
out of the store

Meanwhile, Brandon
makes his way over to the boys

"I just bumped into this
beautiful girl on my way out
of the restroom" Brandon says
as he sits down

"Oh word bro?" Zion says,
before sticking a taco in his mouth

"She was fire man" Brandon says

"God really knew what he
was doing when
he made black girls"
he says
causing an amen and murmurs
of agreement to come from the

"Tell me about it bro,
I still can't get over that baddie I
met at the club the other night"
Zion says

"If you guys are done,
why don't we go into the mall for
a bit? I need new sneakers"
Nick says

"Another pair? You stay buying
Sneakers bro" Edwin remarks
which causes nick to shake
his head

"Let's go boysss" Austin yells
to which the boys all laugh

"Okay I promise you Gracie, I'm just going to go in realquick and then I'll be right back out"Stassie says

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"Okay I promise you Gracie,
I'm just going to go in real
quick and then I'll be right back out"
Stassie says

Somehow managing to drag Gracie
back into the mall yet again

"Okay, I'll just sit by here" she
replies rolling her eyes

today had been a very long day
and there was nothing she wanted
more than to go home and-

Her thoughts were interrupted by
the screaming of girls

"What is going on" she mumbles
to herself, watching as a group
of shrieking girls surround
a nearby footlocker

After a couple of minutes,
five boys walked out which
caused the girls to start screaming

Figuring that they were famous,
she tries to depict who they could be
but that didn't prove to be successful
because the girls covered them

Well four of them. She seen
the top of the tallest guy's head
but he wore a hat

As if on Cue, Stassie stepped out
of the store and linked her arms
with Gracie

"huh I wonder who they could be"
Gracie states, still baffled as
to who those boys were

"It's LA sis, it could
be anyone, now come on. Let's go"
Stassie says

and the two
girls walked away

and the twogirls walked away

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I'm sorry that Zion
And Gracie haven't met yet😔


I have a great idea for how I want
them to meet and

I promise that they'll
reunite in the next

Until then

Stay Tuned!

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