Chapter 1

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Robert's jet took off from Tereboro. We all relaxed while sitting in the leather seats of his plane. They served us all champagne as we sat there.

Beside me sat my kid brother, Jimmy. He was 16 years old and annoying as ever. Jimmy would teasingly glare at me while I admired Robert.

In front of Jimmy and I was a large table where you could eat and place your glasses on. Sitting directly in front of me was my mother, who was fast asleep. She had the curtains drawn in front of the window next to her head, her thick eyeliner was on display while her eyes were closed.

I slowly drink the champagne in my glass as I watched Robert sit across the aisle with my dad. They sat on either side of the table. My father sat in the seat closest to me and Robert across from him. I could see Robert's face as they laughed together and had conversations. If only he'd laugh with me that way...

"You're not supposed to be drinking." I scolded Jimmy.

"So what? We're so close in age why does it matter?" Jimmy asked as he started on his second glass.

"I'm 19 and therefore I'm of age. What's your excuse?" I jabbed my elbow into his arm, causing him to do the same to me.

"It's fine, go ahead Jim." My father looked back at us. "I'd much rather you do it where I can see you than out who knows where."

I rolled my eyes at the fact Jimmy once again got a pass. Because he was a boy my parents were much easier on him. He grinned as he knocked back the rest of his champagne.

"Woah there, kid. Be careful." Robert furrowed his eyebrows. "Pace yourself."

"I'm on vacation, I'm letting lose." Jimmy announced. Robert and my father laughed together at my brother's bad behavior. For boys, it was funny. For girls, it was horrific.

After the relatively short trip, we landed in Jamaica. My legs felt weak as I stood up from my plane seat. I looked around for my luggage, then reached down to get it.

I stood up after I felt something brush against my backside.

"Oh... sorry. I was trying to get past." Robert announced as he stood beside me. My cheeks got warm as I stared at him. "Why don't I help you?"

Like a gentleman, he bent down and picked up my luggage for me. Then, he gave me a wink with a smile and began walking off the plane. I made sure the hem of my skirt was in place as I walked right behind Robert down the aisle.

Looking over my shoulder, I could see my scowling mother. At that point, I didn't care what she thought. My eyes looked to Robert who was handing our luggage to the men waiting for us by the steps of the plane.

"Thanks for being so thoughtful." I smiled, placing my hand on his shoulder. For a moment, there was a tension between us as Robert watched my slowly slide down his back.

"No problem." Robert cleared his throat. His usual smile wasn't there. I wondered why, was he just as confused as I was? Or was this all in my mind?

He jogged down the plane steps then stood at the bottom, waiting for the rest of us to file out. As I stepped out of the plane and onto the first step, I was pleased to be greeted by the Jamaican sun. However, a large gust of wind came and blew around me, causing my dress to lift up in the front.

Robert definitely saw it, causing him to look down at his feet. He was much more mature than I, almost out of reach. I wondered if he liked what he saw, and if he did, why was he ashamed of it? After all, I was of age and capable of fulfilling whatever desires he had.

I figured the only way for our relationship to begin was for me to send him a hint. I needed him to know that I knew exactly how he felt and that I felt the same way.

"It's beautiful here, isn't it?" Robert looked around. It was his first time ever coming to the island where my family is from. He wore black aviation glasses as he admired the lush trees and mountains in the distance.

"You're telling me! I've been trying to get you to come with us for ages!" My father smiled and Robert, causing Rob to nod in agreement as he chuckled. "From the land to the food to the women... everything here is riper in Jamaica."

My mother rolled her eyes as she passed the two men that laughed together. I wanted Robert to enjoy his vacation, but I knew if I was going to show him how I felt I needed to act fast.

A van parked in front of us. My mother and father got on in the front next to the driver. I squinted as I watched Jimmy get ready to sit next to Robert in the back seat.

I needed that seat next to Robert. I quickly pushed Jimmy to the side as I hopped into the car. Jimmy stumbled back as he stared at me.

"What is your problem?" Jimmy asked me as he got in the car after me.

"What's yours?" I spat at him with a grin. Sitting in the van, I was in the middle of the back seat. Jimmy was on one side, Robert on the other.

"Welcome to Jamaica." The driver smiled as he glimpses into the rear view mirror. He went on and on and explained some of the history of the island. I looked at Robert who intently listened as the driver spoke.

Instead of listening, I couldn't stop thinking that Robert and I had yet to be this close. I slowly moved my leg closer to Robert's so they were touching.

He didn't even notice. He only continued to look to the driver.

I pushed my leg more toward's Robert's once again, undoubtedly sending a message to him. He quickly swiped off his glasses as he looked down at our legs, then back up at me. My quick moment of confidence had faded and I looked away as if I hadn't just moved my leg against his.

"It's pretty tight in here, isn't it?" Robert spoke to me. His hand swiped on my thigh as he slowly moved it away, then he placed it in his lap. His touch was seductive, my mind raced to figure out whether or not he meant it to be that way.

He looked out his window, the back of his head turned toward me. I leaned closer to him in order to possibly get his scent, it was the sexiest smell I'd ever experienced. But, I quickly sat up once Robert looked forward toward the driver who now had the car in drive.

With every other bump, Robert's leg would rub against mine. I enjoyed every second of it, whether he was aware of it or not. My eyes closed as I imagined it just being us in that car and Robert driving me to some exotic and unknown place.

My eyes quickly opened as the car came to a half.

"Welcome to The Crescent Resort." The driver announced as he put the car in park. Robert got out of the car, shutting the door behind him. Jimmy hopped out without any regard for me as well. Robert noticed this, then came to the door that Jimmy leg open and held his hand out to me.

"After you." Robert smiled. I placed my hand in his and allowed Robert to help me out of the car, then stood there in awe of him. It was either he wouldn't let go of my hand, or I wouldn't let go of his. Neither of us wanted to stop that moment, or at least that's how I felt.

"Alright, lets go and see our villa." My father smiled, totally oblivious to the moment I just had with Robert. He placed his arm around Robert and they began walking forward. I stood still as I looking down at my hand, remembering Robert's touch.

When I looked up, Robert was looking back at me as my father guided him inside of the hotel lobby.

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