twenty two

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Jimin and Hoseok were still in dilemma. On the current place he was sitting on, Hoseok agreed with Jimin's idea to lodge a police report without Taehyung knowing it and Jimin felt relieved, at least there's someone who actually thought the same way as him.

But at the same time, he felt guilty as Taehyung madly warned them to not involving the police, as what he had been warned too.

Just in time, when they're deciding either to proceed with Jimin's idea or not, Jimin's phone suddenly buzzing, slightly distracted the two of them. It keeps crashing his notifications until he was fed up.

Jimin let out his phone from his jeans pocket while Hoseok was just watching him from aside. He began laying his back onto chair and closed his eyes for awhile.

"Oh sh- hyung!" he snapped at that little scream.

Hoseok quickly sat straight back and gave a shock expression to Jimin, who was still locking his eyes to his phone screen. "W-why why? What happened?"

"Hyung, read this."

By the time he did what Jimin told him to, he cussed. "Is this for real?!" Hoseok eyes still reading every words that displayed.

All the incoming messages Jimin got was from unknown number but he took it as a mistake as the sender was telling both Jimin and Hoseok that it was Irene.

The first message he got was, "Jimin, help me!!" he thought it was Jungkook that tried to joke around with him since the younger always keep teasing him and at the same time he didn't save Jungkook's number into his contacts.

Until he read the second message,

"I don't know where I am, it was dark and the surrounding is too creepy. Please get me out from here. Jin might planning something bad to do to me."

Even though she didn't tell him that it was her who sent those messages, he was sure it's really her.

Hoseok stood up immediately, followed by Jimin a moment after Hoseok was done reading the messages.

"We need to tell Taehyung." Hoseok suggested and Jimin just nodded as he agreed.


She was panting, sweats forming on her forehead and her trembling hands while she was typing the last word and quickly send it to Jimin's phone number. Despite the pain on her injured hand, she could still compiled all the strengths just to contact him.

Jin hasn't left since he spend the night with Taeyong, with bottles of beer and wines spreading in the table. The room was full with unpleasant smells of alcohol that Irene hates the most.

Both of them were totally passed out during the time they were too drunk and Irene took this chance to take Taeyong's phone silently and texted Jimin right away. She actually planned on taking Jin's phone but she noticed that he didn't had it with him.

The rope on Irene's hands was untied after she tried cutting it for hundred times using any sharp things and finally she succeeded.

She stopped sending texts to Jimin right before Jin was awake and she quickly got onto her sit back and slung her hands to the back, pretending that she got tied.

Taeyong's phone was on her grip before she put it inside her pocket. She was relieved but getting worried. What if Taeyong and Jin noticed that she actually sending texts to Jimin? Well they possibly could.

"Good morning, babe." he stretched his body and walked ahead to Irene.

She rolled her eyes as he was approaching closer to her and pecked her cheek. The strong smell of alcohol from his mouth made her disgusted.

"Fuck off." she yelled and spits right on his face.

He snorted, wiping his face with the back of his hand and smirked. "Tch, you're driving me crazy, Irene, like what do you think you just did?!"

"A jerk like you deserve shits more than that." she didn't even looked away from glaring right into his orbs with full of hates and disgusts.

Jin scoffed. "I can't believe you're treating me like a stranger, we are soon getting married, then what are you being cold for?"

Irene doesn't want to answer him, it was just painfully annoying just to see his face and the way he talked about marrying her was impossible yet he still wanted to make it to reality.

She looked away after playing gaze with him, "I want to see Taehyung." she said straight forwardly.

Right when she says those name, she became emotional. She miss all about him so much. His touch, his voice and all the love he gave to her.

While Jin felt irritated to hear the name, he madly stood straight back. He took out his gun from inside his jacket and pointed it to her head. His hand pulling back her hair, making Irene groaned in pain.

"Of course you can see him but right after I pulled the trigger and let your lovely Taehyung sees your pity dead body hovered with blood first."

This time Jin meant it, especially when she was mentioning Taehyung and he couldn't control himself.

"You're the one who will die first, bitch."

She stomped her feet on Jin's and when he's started to flinch, she took this chance to snatch his gun and this time she's the one who pointed the gun at him.

Jin bend to his feet because of the pain, after seconds he got up back and laughed hysterically. "Wow, that was too fast, Irene."

She was trembling, hands still holding the gun for the first time in her life. At least she knew how to pull the trigger but that's not the point as she doesn't want herself to be like a murderer.

"Kill me, Irene. Come on, or- are you afraid?" he grinned and that's what make him look like a real psycho.

Meanwhile on the couch next to the wall, there's Taeyong who was finally half awake, yawning and blinked for several times to see Irene and Jin were facing each other. His sight was a bit blurry but he can clearly see Irene was holding a gun which pointed right to Jin.

His eyes widened, "Oy woman, the fuck are you doing!" he rushed over them and by the time he reached beside Jin, she now pointed it to the two of them.

Jin crossed his arms on his chest, he's frowning at how Irene didn't gives a single damn towards the current situation. "Get her." he conducted and Taeyong immediately nodded to him.

Taeyong took a step forward, slowly approached her who was waiting for perfect timing to pull the trigger. She became frightened as he became closer.

"Don't come near or I will shot you!" she screamed out of her lungs with her eyes shut but Taeyong didn't even listen to her.

She began stepped back as Taeyong taking his space closer to her, he was ready to snatch back the gun from her.

Taeyong's eyes wandered to her and then to the gun, until the time he signed himself to get prepare, he quickly grabbed the gun but Irene's grip didn't even loose, causing it hard to be snatch right away.

Both of them were madly fighting over the gun. Once Irene got to get the gun back, Taeyong will grab it back faster than her. Her heart couldn't skip beating and they harshly pushed each other.


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