Difference in this story

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So I might have mentioned this before but I want to mention it again.

THIS STORY WONT FOLLOW THE TWILIGHT PLOT. So if you see some new stuff happening or change of events, you now know the reason. And let me tell you one thing.

THE ENDING OF THIS BOOK WILL BE SO DIFFERENT. So no new moon, eclipse or any other twilight parts because THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT. This book my be different but give it a chance, maybe you'll love it ❤️ and please if you see any grammar mistakes you kindly tell me about them.

And about Percy Jackson, I didn't really read the books, I only watched one of the movies, so if I get the names wrong and when I don't name which war I'm talking about then I'm really sorry. And however good person died in any war might be alive. This book won't follow the Percy  Jackson plot eaither.

Demigods are immortal, well in my story. They all stop aging at the age 19 or 20

OH AND I ALMOST FORGOT, I do not own twilight plots or most of the characters and also Percy Jackson characters, I only own Amara and Rosalies mate, mason. Or anyone else k created.

-love, malikabish

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