Slow Burn

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The one where Kim makes Trini jealous.

Kim is pretty sure she's in love with Trini. Like, 99.99 percent sure. And no, it's not the kind of puppy love that gives Kim butterflies every time Trini speaks or is within her general vicinity.  

Well, it's that kind too.

But Kim is in love with Trini in a way that makes waves crash in her stomach and hurricanes stomp in her heart every time the other girl so much as looks at her. She's so in love with her that she doesn't remember how to breathe properly when their skin brushes, so in love that she can feel herself slipping away from the real world and getting stuck in her mind that is just yellow, yellow, yellow.

It's all Trini.

She's so in love that it hurts.

And the thought makes her sick.

The point is, Kim fell for Trini. Hard. Like, so hard she think she may have a bruise right on her ass and she can't make this up. She isn't entirely sure when it happened but she thinks it might be the time that Trini called her out for not knowing who she was up on the cliff that first day they found out they were power rangers. It was kind of embarrassing but, like, Kim couldn't help but think that Trini's assertiveness and sarcastic ease was pretty hot.

So yeah, Kim thinks she's in love with Trini and she thinks she has been for a while.

That's not the problem.

The problem is that she turns into a bumbling mess every time Trini does something remotely cute or sexy or, you know, breathes. It's not like she can't have a conversation with her because she can, it's just that sometimes Trini's mind and her words and her thoughts leave Kim so breathless that she thinks she might suffocate without anyone laying a finger on her. And sometimes, when Kim is crying about something she's probably being over dramatic about, Trini holds her and looks at her with those soft eyes that make Kim feel like nothing could go wrong as long as she has Trini and that feeling burns her up from the inside out in the best way possible.

Kim isn't really scared of her feelings for Trini (that's a lie, she's terrified), it's just that she has no clue how Trini feels about her and there's so many factors that would play into their future relationship, if they had one at all. There are the boys, the whole power ranger superhero thing that they couldn't take a chance of screwing up if she and Trini eventually broke up. School would be awkward, their parents would wonder why they don't talk as much anymore. And, worst of all, their friendship. Kim's horrified by the prospect of losing the special friendship they share because she's never had someone like Trini in her life before.

But she thinks she may go completely insane if she doesn't get a chance to make their special friendship into a special "something more".

Kim is completely, madly, insanely in love with Trini and that's the only reason she agreed to one of Zack Taylor's totally insane schemes that is bound to blow up in her face. But she thinks it'll be worth it.

The plan is to make Trini jealous. There's a new girl at their school, Tommy Oliver, and she shares most of her classes with Kim and is, like, one hundred percent gay. And the thing is, Kim is good at flirting. Like, really good. So it won't be hard to pretend like her harmless conversations with Tommy are something more to her because she's naturally a flirty person, it's just that whenever a certain yellow ranger is around she loses all sense of her cool and turns into a pile of incoherent mush. Besides, Tommy is really nice and Kim already knows she's into someone else so she doesn't have to worry about the blonde girl falling for her (which sounds really cocky but, hey, she's Kimberly Hart).

It starts off small. Kim talks about the new girl and Trini knows of her because she's in their biology class which works perfectly in Kim's favour. She slowly gets increasingly more annoying about Tommy until it may look like she's interested in the girl. She's not necessarily out to anybody but she doesn't think it comes as much of a surprise that she could be interested in a girl, she's always worn her heart on her sleeve and she thinks anyone that really knows her probably already knows she's a little too into girls to be straight.

But anyway, it isn't until she walks into biology class with Tommy Oliver, the other girls head tipped back in a boisterous laugh, that Kim sees that Zack's crazy plan may not be so crazy after all. She sees something flicker in Trini's eyes that looks a lot like jealousy and she contains her heart before it sprouts wings and flies straight into its home right in Trini's hands. It could be a false alarm. She sits next to Tommy that day.

When Trini asks why she didn't sit with her, Kim apologizes and says she had been showing Tommy around and thought it would be nice to sit with her. Trini just nods, but Kim sees her jaw clench and it makes her stomach so weird twists and turns and, give her a break okay?

She tells Zack that she thinks his plan is working and he's all cocky smirks and puffed out chest because he's Zack Taylor, his plans always work. Kim rolls her eyes at his unbelievable behaviour but cant help the permanent grin on her face because, holy shit, Trini may like her too.

It goes like this for about a week: Kim gets increasingly close with Tommy, not part of the plan but it turns out Tommy is actually really great company, she then mentions Tommy somehow in conversation in Trini, and the fire in the yellow rangers eyes is a slow, slow burn that is getting more dangerous by the second.

"What's up with you and Tommy?"

It's sharp and accusing and not at all how Kim is used to being spoken to by Trini.


"I said, what's up with you and Tommy? Are you like dating or something?" Trini looks frustrated and confused and a little bit angry and Kim feels kind of, a little, (a lot) hot all over.

"What? Of course not. We're just friends, Trin," Kim lets out an airy laugh, trying not to show how according to plan this interaction is going.

"So then why have you been all close with her all week, and all you do is talk about her, what's even up with that? It's always 'Tommy this' or 'Tommy that'."

Feeling empowered by Trini's frustration, Kim smirks a little bit and walks closer to the small girl.

"She's just my friend, but either way, why are you bothered so much, hm?" She reaches out and traces her fingers down Trini's arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind them.

"I- I-," Trini stammers but can't seem to get the words out, and it only fuels Kim's confidence. She takes a step closer until they're just centimetres apart and Trini's eyes shut for a moment at their close proximity.

"C'mon, Trin, spit it out. Why-"

She's cut off by Trini's lips on hers and her breath is whisked away and her body is heating up and holy shit she is so in love with Trini that every fibre in her body knows it. They kiss for what feels like forever and when they finally pull apart, chests heaving and eyes wide, Trini starts to laugh. 

"What?" Kim asks, "why are you laughing?"

"You are such an ass," Trini says between giggles. "You tried to make me jealous instead of just admitting that you have feelings for me," and Kim's face goes red. Well, more red than it was before.

Instead of saying anything, she kisses Trini right on the lips and the other girl's laugh is caught in her throat, replaced by a soft hum of content. And, okay, maybe Kim didn't need to listen to Zack's stupid plan but in the end, it all worked out.

She got her girl, and that's all that matters.

I'm alive? This is trash but i felt like i needed to write SOMETHING, hope u all like it :)

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