Chapter 3

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Ding dong. Ding dong.

Who can be at the door at this hour. Don't be dramatic Nikki it isn't even 8:00.

I opened the door and screamed out of happiness. My best friend finally came back from his business deal in Greece.

"Shawn! When did you get back? Did you meet anybody special? Did you bring me anything?" I asked him without breathing.

"Slow down Nik. No I didn't meet anyone special. (I saw his eye twitch a sign that he is not telling the truth). And yes I did bring you something, but you'll have to promise me that you'll go with me somewhere first."

I really want to know what he brought me. But do I really want to go to probably a party full of stuck up people?

Nope I don't want to deal with them but my curiosity won't let me be if I stay.

 Darn, curious George won again.

"Ok I'll go but if I don't feel comfortable we are leaving. Got it."

"Ok I got it. Now go put on your present and get all prettied up, I'll wait for you in the living room."

I huffed a response. Once I got to my bathroom I opened up the midnight purple box. Wow just wow. Inside was the most magnificent dress ever it was red and it had a bare back. I put it on and it flowed to the floor. It was tight on the chest and flowy from the thigh down.

I curled my hair did my make up consisting of lip gloss and mascara.

"I m ready.''

"Woah I knew you where going to look beautiful, but you just blew my expectations." he said.

"Glad to be of service.'' I said tipping my imaginary hat.


You wouldn't of guessed where he took me. He took me to the gala I catered for, the gala held by Lucas Alessandri. The arrogant self obsessed cocky son of a waterwhole.

"Behave Nikki." was all Shawn said before exiting the car into the rain of flashing lights.

Pfft I always behave what's he talking about. I stepped out of the car onto the onslaught of flashing lights. He grabbed on to my arm and pulled me inside stopping here and there to take a picture.

"Shawn Placencio" was all he said to the host.

He nodded and bidded us a good night.

Guess he doesn't want to talk.

"We'll only stay for a little while," he said.

"You owe me Shawn,"

"Isn't the dress enough?"

"Yes but you didn't tell me we would be coming to Alessandri's gala."

He was about to say something when he was interrupted by a man asking about his trip.

Guess I'll just look for somewhere to sit. I looked around the salon and decided Ms. Dalton had great taste in decorating. It seemed to go right with the owners attitude but also appealing to the guest.

An empty table in the middle of the action caught my eye so I decided to snag it before anyone else. if Shawn didn't like it he could go sit somewhere else.

"May I get you something to drink?" a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Oh yes can you bring me a martini."

"Of course Ms, I'll be right back." the waiter said.

"Sorry about that Nik, a future investor wanted to know how's business in Greece."

"It's ok Shawn, can we order, you interrupted my dinner."

He laughed and shook his head. I thought I heard him say always the blunt one.

He called over a waiter and ordered for us.

He ordered chicken Alfredo for me and stake for himself.

"Mmh the food was delicious don't you think Nikki.?"

"Of Course the food would be delicious, haven't you seen how much of a perfectionist Mr. Alessadri is." I stated.

Shawn just looked at me questioning, as if asking how did I know that.

"Testing, testing one, two, three. Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for attending today's festivities. We are celebrating Landon Corps 100 year anniversary. Enjoy yourself this is a time to celebrate."

Yup I'm totally celebrating... stuffing my face in steak with some Italian dressing. "Nik if you don't stop eating my steak I will puncture your lung."

"Not my fault you ordered chicken Alfredo. How will you puncture my lung when you are all the way over there."

"I know people. The chicken Alfredo was for you not the steak."

"Oh well the poor steak is resting in my stomach waiting for its internal death."

Shawn just glared at me. Aww he looks like an adorable puppy not getting his way. This is why he is my best guy friend.

"Eat your chicken Alfredo." I ordered him.

The music started a little while ago. Many of the people attending were in the dance floors shaking there booty to the groove. (😊see how I used old cool language? I got swag hehe:)

"May I have this dance my lady?"

"Of course kind sir." with that we joined the club of dancing minions.

We entered the dance floor and shook our booties. " Nik, Lucas is looking this way with a glare, never mind he's coming this way. Do you know him? When did you meet? Why didn't you tell me? What did you do to him?"

"Woah slow down tiger, I barely met him today and he is an arr..."

"May I cut in." The voice of my sworn enemy said.

"Of course Lucas just give her back before the night ends. She has a curfew." he winked.

Oh when I get my hands on him.

What just happened. Is he crazy, loco, off his rocker. I looked at him pleading with my eyes. He just looked back at me with only one word in his eyes payback. Seriously he took the steak thing to far.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I was pulled tightly against a hard body, producing a small gasp from me.

" I told you we'd meet again" he whispered in my ear.




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