Chapter 36; Spilling The Tea

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       My phone began going off and I quietly got up to answer it. "Hello?" I asked. "Hey girl. When you want me to come over?" Triniti asked. "You can come now." I answered. "Good, because I'm outside." She laughed. I quickly got dressed as fast I could. I hung up the phone and woke Michael up, "Trin's here." I said. He groaned then turned over, allowing himself to fall back asleep. I walked away and went downstairs to get the door. "Hey, girl!" I shouted as I hugged her. "Heyyyy" she shouted back while returning my hug. We both made our way inside the house and sat on the couch. "Sooo" Triniti began. I flashed her a confused look. "Girl if you don't spill this damn tea." She playfully demanded while chuckling. "Okay so as you know I met his mother and siblings yesterday" I started. "Mhm" Triniti said.  "And you know how I told you that two of them were rude." I continued "Mhm" Triniti said. "So when I texted you this morning, I decided to leave my phone in the room and go make breakfast. Well I did, and then when we finished, Janet took me to her room to style my hair." I said as I pointed at slightly messed up french braid which now contained many fly aways. "I went back down stairs to get Michael so we could get ready to leave and I heard both Latoya and Jermaine keke-ing on the other side girl." I said. "The fuck were they saying though?" She asked. "Talking about how I'm a hoe and this ain't Michael's baby. That I'm going to leave him and they hope it doesn't work between us. All this disrespectful stuff." I told her. "Bitch." She angrily replied. "Yeah. I know. So you know I'm a hormonal mess so my cry baby ass went to Michael and started crying and he told them all the way off." I happily bragged. "As he should." She said. "That's just so rude. Like who do they think they are? My best friend ain't no hoe." She added. I laughed. "They seem to think so." I joked. "Fuck that think shit. I know what you are." She replied causing me to laugh a bit harder. "You hungry girl?" I asked, changing the topic. "Girl yes." She said.
       We both got up and went into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed a plastic container full of precut mixed fruits. "You want some of this?" I asked. "That's fine." She replied. The container had strawberries, blueberries, watermelon chunks, cantelope chunks, pineapple chunks and apple slices. I was trying to eat healthier but I was always tempted to eat something unhealthy. We sat at the kitchen table and snacked on the fruit bits. They tasted so good. "I prefer home grown strawberries to be honest." I said. Triniti flashed me a crazy look as she popped one into her mouth. "Store bought not good enough for ya, huh?" She teased. I grinned and shook my head, "not at all!" I said as I ate a blueberry. I felt fluttery movement in my stomach and smiled while grabbing Triniti's hand. "She's kicking!" I said. "She?" Triniti asked as she placed her hand where I put it. "I hope so!" I replied. The baby started kicking Triniti's hand and we both smiled. "Hi baby. It's Aunt Trini! I can't wait to meet you little one!" Triniti baby talked to my tummy. "Momma wants you to be a girl. Are you going to be a baby girl or a baby boy?" She continued. "I hope he will be a baby boy." Michael said. "Goodmorning, darling!" I said. Triniti sat back in her chair. "Hey Michael!" She said. "Hello Triniti. How are you?" He asked. "I'm good, you?" She asked. "I'm doing swell." Michael answered as he grabbed the watermelon chunk from my fingers and ate it. "You jerk!" I playfully yelled at him. He smiled and let out a quiet chuckle. He picked up another watermelon chunk and began feeding it to me. It only got the chance to touch my lip before he pulled it away and ate it again. "Quit it!" I whined and puckered my lips. "Your little baby girl wants it!" I teased. "You mean my baby boy? Unless you were referring to yourself." He responded as he finally fed me a watermelom chunk. I shook my head and smiled at him. He pecked my lips and made his way out of the kitchen.
       I looked over at Triniti who was flashing me a geeky smile. "What?" I asked. "You two are so cute." She said. "Speaking of us two, how is Jared?" I asked. "He's okay. Want to watch a movie or something?" She half answered. I raised a brow at her. "What's wrong?" I asked. She sighed and her eyes became glossy. "Don't cry, because if you cry then I'm going to cry and this whole kitchen will become an ocean." I joked in an attempt to lighten the mood. She smiled but her frown returned shortly after. "Okay, what's wrong Trin?" I demanded. "I don't know. We were fine last week and now he's just so distant." She answered. "How so?" I asked. "He's so short with me. I mean, his responses are no longer than 3 words IF that. His temper is short with me too. I just don't even know what went wrong and when." She admitted. "He's even started coming home almost 2 hours later than usual." She added. "I'm sorry Trin. That's not okay." I said. "What if there's someone else?" She asked, tears filling her eyes.  Trin, theres no one else. He would never do that. For so many reasons, no." I assured her not knowing if it was true. I wiped the tears from her eyes. "Come on" I said as I stood up and grabbed her by the hand. I pulled her into the backyard. There was acres of land before us. There was a trampoline and a pool along with a garden and a pathway. I took her on a walk to clear her mind. We made our way over to the pool and sat on the edge with our feet in the water. "I have an idea!' I said. "Let's go out. Invite Jared. Maybe you two need some time out. We can make it a double date!" I suggested. Triniti sighed and allowed a slight smile to appear on her face. She pulled out her phone and called Jared.

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