What now...?

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F/N was in a room in Gremory's residence, where he had been unconscious for several hours. In the room there was also Azazel, who wrote something down on cards. Rias team and Kiryuuu waited in front of the room. They sat in silence and looked as if they were very sad. They woke up when they heard someone come to them, it was Eugene

Rias: Ohhhh.... Hello Eugene.... What happened to you?

Eugene had a bandaged half of his head

Eugene: This? F/N did it to me... Ouch... I prefer to use a computer rather than fighting on my own...

He sat down on the couch, massaging his wounds

Rias: Thank you for your help... Without you we wouldn't have been able to did it...

Eugene: Ehh...?! Oh... Yes, no problem, it's my pleasure...

The door to the room opened and Azazel appeared in them

Azazel: Rias, could you come to me?

Rias got up from the couch and ran into the room, slamming the door behind her

Rias: What with him?

Azazel: So I have good and bad news.... Which one do you want to hear first?

Rias: Don't play with me!

Azazel: Ok... So his condition is stable and at this point, his life is not threatened...

Rias: But...

Azazel: But this rapid transformation into "The Beast" seriously damaged his body...

His body was still whole pale/grey and full of cracks

Azazel: ...and exhausted it.

Rias: What that mean?

Azazel: It means that he shortened his life time very much...

Rias: How much?!

Azazel remained silent for a while and then took a deep breath

Azazel: He will live for a maximum of 10 years.

Rias fell on the floor. She looked at Azazel with disbelief in her eyes.

Rias: No... It can't be...

Tears began to flow from Rias' eyes

Azazel: I'm sorry-

Rias quickly ran out of the room, crying, Azazel sighed and returned to his notes. At that time Rias ran to the balcony, she leaned against the railings and started crying. Soon afterwards Issei entered balcony.

Issei: Rias, are you all right?

When she saw him, she quickly rubbed her eyes and got up.

Rias: Y-Yes... Don't worry...

Issei: We can talk...

Issei approached Rias and hugged her...

For the next few minutes, Azazel sat in silence reviewing his notes when suddenly F/N started coughing.

Azazel: Hey, hey, hey... Easy...

F/N: Wha- What happened?

F/N tried to get up, but pain stopped him. Azazel came up to him and helped him sit.

Azazel: You've gone crazy. You crushed everything in your path, including us.

F/N: What about the others?

Azazel: Don't worry, everything's fine. They're sitting outside.

F/N wanted to get up, but Azazel stopped him.

Azazel: Before you go... we need to talk.

At the same time, Rias was talking with Issei who was hugging her.

Issei: Don't worry, I'm here for you...

Issei smiled when Rias cried to his shoulder. After a while they heard footsteps and a limping F/N stood in front of them.

F/N: Hey, Did you miss me?

Rias immediately pushed Issei away and ran to F/N. She threw herself at him with such force that he went back a few steps.

F/N: Ouch...! Watch out, it's still hurts!

F/N hugged Rias, she was all in tears.

Rias: I was so scared... Azazel told you about-

F/N: Shhh... Yes, he told me... Maybe... Let's not talk about it now.

Rias and F/N returned back to the building and only Issei stayed alone outside. He stood there in silence for a while with an angry expression on his face and a clenched fists.

Issei: Again...? You ruined my plans again... I will take revenge...


A/N: I'm back! On the day of my birthday, I decided to throw something (or rather WHATEVER because of the length...) in to give a sign that I'm still alive. I'm sorry about the lack of update, but somehow I had no ideas and I came to the conclusion that this story was too different from my original idea.

Meanwhile, I came up with an idea for a more lore story in DxD universum, but if you really like it, I can continue, but I don't promise frequent updates.

I don't like it when people don't finish their stories, so it hurts me that I want to do something like that, so I want hear what you will say.

Anyway, I wish you a nice day (or evening) and goodbye!

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