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Jennies PoV

The next day of my amazing first dance lesson with Lisa. Let's just say there's not one part of that dance studio where Lisa hasn't made me orgasm in. Oops to much info. sorry not sorry.

I chuckle to myself thinking about yesterday. Today Jisoo my best friend joined me at the company because Lisa has a busy day and only has an hour or so free which was after her dance lesson with Yeri from red velvet.

To say I was jealous that she wasn't with me was an understatement but I learn to control it. But now it was all the employees lunch break including Lisa. Which means I can get a chance to look at her and catch her attention. Me and Jisoo we're sitting at the lunch area on our own table where the dance teachers and clients have there lunch.

Instead of in my dads office where me and Jisoo normally hang out. We told my dad we want to walk around a little and eat here which he didn't mind because he was really busy anyway.

Jisoo: I see Lisa and Rose

I looked to where Jisoo was looking and see my Lisa with Rose along with other dance teachers sitting and eating. My Lili even looks so hot while eating. Hope she eats me like how she's eating that sandwich. I see Jisoo looking at Rose but she was more like undressing her with her eyes then just looking.

Jennie: looks like you like Rose Chu

Jisoo: even her names beautiful

I giggled

Jennie: I can't wait for there lunch to be over so me and Lisa can have a Dance lesson.

Jisoo: Yh "dance" lesson

I blush as Jisoo nudges me.

Jennie: if you like Rose ask her out

Rose can go out with Jisoo she's so lucky. Rose wouldn't get fired because Jisoo is my friend it's just me my dad doesn't want his employees to date. So Jisoo would totally be aloud to date Rose if she just walked up and asked to her. I would totally love that for Jisoo because Rose is a great girl.

Jisoo: maybe when you go and have your sex lesson I'll go with Rose, do you know if she's free

I actually have no clue but I would do anything for Jisoo to just go ahead and ask Rose out. Maybe me Lisa and Jisoo and Rose can double date in the future.

Jennie: there's only one way and that's to ask her chu

Jisoo: I can't just ask Jennie she might not have any time

I chuckled at Jisoo nervousness I always knew she had a little crush on Rose but she never really talked to her I guess today is the day for them to finally spend time together.

Jennie: don't worry I'll do all the talking.

Lisa and Rose got up from there table with there empty trays and through them away. So I decided to call them.

Jennie; Lisa Rose

I called which they turned to me and Jisoo. They can't walk away from us so they slowly made there way to us. I smile at how aware Lisa is of her surroundings it's cute.

They both bow at us

Lisa: what can we help you with Jennie, Jisoo

Rose: do you guys need something.

Why is Lisa being so formal like she hasn't slept with me already. I was expecting babe, honey, princess everything Lisa would call me when we're alone.

Jennie: actually I was wondering if Rose had any classes after this lunch break because I don't want to leave Jisoo alone here while I'm with you da~~ I mean Lisa

I smiled innocently which caused Lisa to gulp.

Rose: Yh I'm free we can hang out until you guys are done

I looked at Jisoo who has a big smile on her face.

Jisoo: thank you Rose

Jennie: you guys can actually go ahead I want to start my lesson early

Rose gave a look to Lisa and Lisa just looked at her with widen eyes.

Rose: sure come on Jisoo let's go

Rose and Jisoo leave and now it's just me and my lili. my unofficial girlfriend.

Jennie: sit Lisa your lunch isn't over yet unless you want to go and eat your dessert

I seductively smile at her. Lisa just sat down across from me.

Lisa: can you speak quietly Jennie

Lisa says in a serious tone which honestly just turns me on even more.

Jennie: baby it's not like my dad is here

I don't normally act like this but with Lisa... I'm different and I love it she can only bring this side out of me.

Lisa PoV

Jennie: baby it's not like my dad is here

When she said that my heart was beating like a wild fire. Come on Lisa control yourself. This girl never will listen.

Lisa: Jennie people are around who easily can tell my boss what they see or hear so can you please stop.

I said in a low voice so only she could here but it just made her smile at me even more.

Jennie: my father will always believe his princess Lisa you should know that by now.

She's not wrong but I have to be carful my job is on the edge if people start spreading rumours.

Jennie: loosen up Lisa i know you can't wait to get your hands on me when you get me alone, and stop being cold I know you have feelings for me even if you don't say it.

Jennie says a little quieter and yet again she's not wrong.

Lisa: lets go now.

Jennie chuckled.

Jennie: finally

Me and Jennie head to my dance studio and she shuts and locks the door behind us. I went to the back of my studio to check if I have any sessions with anyone.

Couple of moments later, I feel Jennie put her arms around me back hugging me while I check my schedule.

Jennie: daddy why aren't you paying attention to me

I hear Jennie say in a baby voice

Lisa: I'm just seeing if I have any important clients

Jennie puts her hands under my T-shirt placing them on my abs

Jennie: can't I be an important client

Lisa: I don't fuck my clients baby

I hear Jennie giggle

Jennie: well that's music to my ears but can't you do that in your own time

Well this is the only free time I have to check things which Jennie is taking up.

Lisa: this is my own time Jennie you know that right.

I say in a serious tone

Jennie: now your back to serious Lili

Lisa: I'm always serious about my work

Jennie: I know but at least pay a little attention to me.

I chuckle Jennie always gets clingy when she has the opportunity. I sign a couple of papers before I turn to Jennie. I wrap my arms around her and kiss her plump lips.

Lisa: dance for me baby girl.


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