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Dirty Liam.

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"Hey baby." Liam greeted from behind you, slowly wrapping his arms around your waist.

"Hey Li," You say calmly laying your head against his chest. He sighed and rested his chin on the top of your head.

"What's wrong?" You questioned him, concerned. You turned around so you were facing him.

"(Y/N) I know this is weird. But your turning me on soooooo much!" He whined pressing his forehead against yours. You smile slightly. Time to tease, you thought.

Slowly you pulled away from him, and you darted away, running up the stairs to the master bedroom you and him shared. He scrambled out of the daze he was in, and ran after you. Liam was fast, so you thought he would catch up to you. He was close, as you slammed the door, almost in his face, and locked it.

You heard him sigh, as he slid his back down the side of the door.  

"How much do you want me baby?" You asked, smirking to yourself.

"You have no idea beautiful," he yelled from the other side of the door. "I wanna stick my ten inch cock so far up your pussy. Once you let me in there. I'm going to make you scream so loud, the neighbors will hear it!" he finished. That long sentence just soaked your panties, you wanted him so bad now.

You ran into your large walk in closet, looking through all the lingerie, and found Liams favorite one, it was a black lace corset, and a matching tiny tight black thong.

You slowly turned the lock, hoping Liam wouldn't hear it, but he did, and you heard him scramble to his feet. Before you could turn the handle, he pushed his way through, grabbing you, and pushing you to the bed, not rough, but he kissed you, parting your lips, letting his tongue in. Automatically taking dominance over yours.

He took his shirt off and than his pants, leaving him in his boxers that revealed his fully erect 10 inch. He undid the ribbon on the back of the small corset, revealing your boobs, his mouth went straight to them. Flicking your nipple with his tongue, and flicking the other with his thumb.

Finally he pulled down your thong, and his boxers, and put himself all the way into you without any warning. You moaned extremely loud. And he began pumping in and out of you.

"F-f-faster!!" you screamed.  

Liam followed your order, and pumped in faster.  

"I-I-I'm gonnnnnna cummm!" You screamed, before you could let out one more breath your orgasm came. You screamed at the top of your lungs. Liam let out one more breath, and cummed into you. He collapsed next to you.

You were staring at each other for a moment than heard a loud knock at your door, causing you to jump to your feet, and even though your legs we're jelly, you slipped on your pink robe, that reached your Mister thigh.

You opened the front door, revealing your neighbor Alicia,  

"Are you alright!? I heard screaming !" she exclaimed.  

You let out a small giggle, "Everything on okay! Liam just scared me. Sorry." you let out. Finally closing the door you and Liam went into a fit of laughter.

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