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Jennie PoV

It's been 2 days since I've last seen Lisa and I need her. I haven't kissed those lips in 48 hours. I miss her face.

You might think I'm using Lisa to just tease her but really I have feelings for her. I want her all to myself, I want to be her girlfriend. Only because my dad warned all of his employees to not date me, Lisa is ignoring me and I know she loves her job but trust me when I say this I'm not trying to get her fired.

She sets something inside of me every time her hands roam my body, every time she kisses me on my lips, neck and my whole body I go crazy, she's just so addictive.

But I'm going to make sure I get to see her again because she wouldn't kiss me back if she didn't like me back. Right? I know she likes me back even if she doesn't say it out load.

I have an idea but Lisa isn't just going to listen to me and will say no if I ask her like last time, so I'm going to use the one person she can't say no to. My Dad.

I go straight to my fathers office.

Jennie: daddddddddd

I sit on the seat across from my father. My father glances at me from his laptop then goes back to typing something.

YG: yes Jen

Jennie: can I please learn how to dance

My dad looks at me and raises his eyebrows doesn't seem he believes I actually want to do it but it's not like I'm actually going to dance with my lili.

YG: I didn't know you was interesting in dancing Jennie

Jennie: I just found it interesting recently I want to learn dad, it looks amazing and it will make me really happy

I exaggerated the really giving my dad puppy dog eyes while pouting. He nods

YG: ok there's Rose or Lisa who do you want to teach you

I smile this is almost to easy.

Jennie: Lisa

My dad nods and gets up

YG: ok wait here and I'll talk to Lisa for you to help you in her free time she's really busy honey and you can quit anytime just tell Lisa

I hug him which made him chuckle

Jennie: it's ok I don't want to disturb her sessions with Important people I'll go to see her on her free times.

I smile widely as I let go of my dad and he nods and leaves his office.

I guess Lisa is going to teach me how to dance after all.....

I chuckle as a text Jisoo what just happened.

Lisa PoV

I was just finishing a dance session which I loved and everyone cleared of. I won't have any sessions to do in another 4 hours so I'm free.

I was about to leave to grab some lunch and to see if Rose is free to grab something to eat until the boss man came into my dance studio.

I bowed.

Lisa: hello Mr yang

YG: hello Lisa

I was confused on why he was here did he see Jennie and I two days ago, did I mess up on a meeting, why is he here? Stop being nervous Lisa.

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