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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

"You Straight?" My manager asked walking in the studio. I shook my head 'no' cause I wasn't "man my babymomma tryna put me on child support and get me in jail" I told him making the long story short

"that's a typical female for you" he said and I shook my head in agreement

"she mad that I ain't come get Kayden like I was suppose to yesterday. I can't fucking help that I got work to do and places to be. Draco cannot be running around with me, and that's the end of that"

"You right, but you gotta learn to multitask and balance everything out at the same time. When life get hard you fight it back" i took his advise, but not right now. I'll save it for later

"I don't have a problem getting my son cause I love to be 'round him. This my problem, she don't have no job, but stay complaining she got stuff to do. She be running round on the streets and be leaving Draco with her momma. I don't like that shit cause her momma is not Draco, and she got time"

"well ion know, I think yall need to to fix that cause it can possibly damage Draco emotionally, but you ready to get to work?"

"yeah" I said getting up and grabbing my notebook. This was my dream and something I always wanted to do. Ain't no going back cause I put my life on the line, and I made it.

I do this for my family, and ima continue to work hard. I want my kids to live a better life then I did cause ian have much. Whatever they want they get it

I recorded a few songs and did a few other things. After that I left and went to get Draco cause I was a day late on getting him. I went to Brianna house to see what Kamyrnn has going on. Ever since she left she ain't call nobody

I got out the car knocking on the door, and Brianna answered

"wassup lil ugly" she said hugging me and letting me and Draco in  "hey Draco"

Draco just stared at her

"He just woke up, so he cranky" I said as we walked in the living room seeing Kamyrnn and 3 other girls

"wassup y'all" I said and they all turned around. Kamyrnn just looked and the girls went crazy, okay
"y'all happy?" I asked them knowing the answer to it

"Now why would you ask that question?" Kamyrnn said getting up. I thought she was coming to give me a hug, but she came and took Draco from me

Well then

"Kamyrnn they more excited to see me then you is" I told her going over to the girls

"cause they retarded" she said kissing Draco repeatedly

I hugged the girls and they was still shook

"Y'all going crazy for no reason. I'm a regular person" I said laughing a little

"no you not" one of them said

"What's y'all name?" I asked them and they all told me they names

i left them alone to calm down. It wasn't that serious

"Yo' ass can't pick up the phone and call nobody ?" I turned to Kamyrnn looking at her. She was still holding Draco

"Nah I'm living my best life"

" yall not doing shit, you doing the same thing you would be doing if you was home" I said looking around

"actually I'm not, I said I was living my best life" she said putting Draco down and he bit her leg
"Nigga what the fuck"

I ain't say nothing I just laughed shaking my head

"I'm finna go, so ima see you tomorrow" I told Kamyrnn

"Noooo" she started hugging me

"Get off me, you living your best life remember" I said

"aight, ima remember that, Bye" she got mad

"Bye" the tree girls said at the same time, but one was waving

"Bye y'all" I picked Draco back up heading to the door, and we left
We went home and I put Draco in the tub and got him in the bed. My lil nigga was knocked out, and I was happy

I went in my room and turned the lights off. I had candles lit with music playing. I lit my blunt and started smoking my life away, I was just vibing to the music

I caught myself reminiscing bout life. It made me angry, so I pulled out my notebook and started writing. Ion know what I was writing, but my paper was full of words. I wrote a full song in less then 10 minutes

After I finished writing I titled the song "Drawing symbols"

I was angry deep down inside, and it was nothing I could do bout it

I just gotta stay strong for my momma and my kids

This chapter shorter than any other chapter, but I hope y'all liked it!

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