Chapter 4

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"It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely."  (Albert Einstien)

I could not, for the life of me, have a good peaceful sleep last night and ended up watching the sun rising in the morning instead. If only there was a nice soft bed to sleep in but I can't let the convenience interfere with my hunt. It would not do me good at all. Although, I felt like I needed more rest after all that reaper ordeal. Maybe a nice warm bath wouldn't hurt either.

Finally deciding that I should at least give myself a little reward, I gathered my things and headed to a small town near by. It wasn't far from Bastion's Keep, just a few hours of trekking away. There was an inn there where I could use its room for a night or two. Chosing an old path only a few hunters knew about, I didn't want to take any risk of being seen out in the open. It could mean my life if someone or something were to target me.

I pulled my hood a little more forward to cover most of my face as I came into town, not wanting any fuss of praises or potential enemies to know my whereabouts at the moment. I knew some people may recognise who I was if they were to see my face. I'd experienced that first hand in Westmarch but at the time I couldn't care less since I was in the midst of deadly battles. Supposedly, it gave those people some hope and reassurance.

There were a few merchants around today, selling all sort of things from food to tools and some weaponry. It must be a market day and frankly it was very busy out. I stayed close to the shadow along buildings as I walked quietly in the direction of the inn. Some people recognised my armour and weapons as being a demon hunter. A handful of them were scurrying away in fear, others whispering some non-sense to each other. To normal people, we were just as bad as the monsters we hunt. But they knew nothing about us.

I finally reached my destination and stepped inside the cozy looking building. I pulled my hood back a touch as I observed the surrounding quickly. Most of the people in here were unaware of a new comer, drinking ale and chatting away loudly. The bar was rather busy and crowded even in the early afternoon. Good, this should be my perfect hideout for a couple of days.

I promptly strode to the inn keeper's desk, inquiring to rent out a room for a couple of nights. The inn keeper was a middle age woman who reminded me so much of Myriam but I dared not make a remark. Comparing a town woman to a gypsy could be very offensive.

The lady gave me a key to my room and gave me a direction with a sweet smile. "If you want to have something to eat, you'd just have to let me know here. And I will get the cook to make it for you," she said to me kindly. I offered her a smile and nodded in response before I excused myself to my room on the second floor.

The room was quite decent with a nice clean bed, a wardrobe, a table right next to the bed with a comfortable looking chair. It was much better than I had expected. My smile spread with satisfaction at my own choice. I checked out another door inside the room which led to a shared bathroom. Fortunately, there was no other tenant in the other room. So happy that I had this whole thing all to myself, I then continued to the window and looked outside. The Dreadlands could be seen in the far distance and there was a tree just a few feet away from my windowsill. Perfect escape route. 

I set what little of my belongings on the table and went to fill the bath with water. There was a stove and a big pot to boil some water with for a nice warm bath. I almost cried with glee. So of course, I had a much needed bath right away. 

Once I was satisfied with pampering myself, I headed back downstairs without my armour on. Now I was just a normal town folk. The old lady was still by the desk and I ordered some beef stew before heading back to my room. Lingering for too long around the bar could spell trouble also since there were not many women who would dare to stay over in an inn full of drunken men. After my meal, I planned on sleeping as peacefully as I could but definitely with caution like a typical demon hunter that I was. 

The very next morning, I got up feeling as good as new again. A huge smile came across my face, seeing a great day ahead as I peered out the window. Today was a good day for me to get some training done. There was no way I would let myself getting old and rusty. Promptly stepping out of bed and dressed in my full demon hunter armour, I did not forget to polish every piece of weapon and tool before I head out for the day. 

I stopped at what used to be a nice meadow spot, now covered with dead grass. There were not many trees around either, perfect traning spot. Once I set things up and ready to go, I started to warm up and began my training. I used some fruitful trees as my moving target while the breeze passed by, the tree tops and branches as my springs to jump and tumble from one to another, also switching my weapons while training so I was comfortable with all types that were available to me. By the time I was done, the sun was already setting. I needed to head back before it got too dark plus I started to feel hungry again which was a good sign. The training went quite well for today and my body now required some replenishment. 

Taking the quickest route back to the inn possible, I came into town not long after the sun had set and the fading sun light began to dim gradually. Once again, I pulled my hood forward and stayed close to the shadow. Unexpectedly, half way to the inn from the town's gate, I could very well feel a pair of eyes fixed on the back of my head and hearing light footsteps not too far behind.

Someone or something was trailing me.

I cursed at myself inwardly for not noticing it sooner. Now I was getting close to the inn but I had to keep going. I would not risk other people's lives for my own. More disturbingly, for all I knew, my whereabouts has already been compromised. I continued on and kept my guard up. My eyes darting from place to place without my head turning even slightly, planning to shake off this son of a demon spawn as soon as possible. 

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