Chapter 90.

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"Whoa, doin' me dirty
Whoa, telling me lies
Whoa, you are not worthy
Telling myself it's the last time

'Cause nothing good comes after midnight"


The few days between Christmas and New Years were essentially just a dedicated Jersey Shore marathon for the first three days, and if I never have to hear the phrases -

"Caaahbs are heeeereya" and "Stahp it Raaahn"

Ever again, it will be far too soon.

I'm still grappling with the fact that Harry has favourites, and how engrossed in it he got. I swear he could do a voice over commentary for that show.

On the second day I was trying to reach a bowl on one of the very top shelves in the cupboard in the kitchen, and Harry watched me struggle in amusement, eventually scaling the kitchen counter like it was Mt. Everest to retrieve the damn thing and once I got down and looked to his snickering face he shrugged and said -

"Meatball problems"

I told him if he ever quoted Snooky to me again we were breaking up.

I'm assuming Harry must have mentioned to Jimmy about us adopting Ludo, because on the fourth day we had our door beaten down with thunderous knocks at 9am; when Harry opened the door a frantically excited Jimmy burst through.

"Where is he! Where is my nephew! Bring him to me!" he had demanded, acting like royalty talking to peasants.

As soon as he saw Ludo, he had walked towards him with his hands clutched to his mouth and a smitten expression, acting like he was looking at a new born baby we just brought home from the hospital.

"Come to uncle Jimmy" he had cooed, crouching down and wriggling his fingers at Ludo who promptly trotted over to him with a happy smile; recognising him from the day he was at the shelter.

Steve had walked in calmly a few minutes later looking like a pack mule, holding two armfuls of clothes and dog toys with a flat expression and stared Harry; while he gestured his chin at Jimmy.

"He went shopping yesterday" Steve looked to the ridiculous amount of items he was holding and sighed "I've been to murder scenes less terrifying than what it's like being dragged around to stores with him, he's psychotic"

Steve then whispered to Harry, acting like he was talking about traumatising memories from being in the middle of combat at war "I had to pick between two shirts that were the same colour, he kept saying they were different but I swear they were the same colour, but we weren't allowed to leave until I picked one and-"

"Excuse me!" Jimmy had exclaimed, looking offended when he whipped his face in Steves direction with Ludos face still smushed between his hands "One was baby blue and one was sky blue! That's like saying an apple is the same colour as an orange! It needed to match his bow tie we bought!"

Jimmy turned back to Ludo with a huff, and Steve stared at Harry with wide eyes mouthing "They were the same fucking colour"

The next hour was spent with the lounge room looking like it had exploded with clothes, Jimmy trying on all of the 'outfits' he had apparently brought for Ludo, squealing in excitement each time he dressed him in a new one and yelling at everyone about how adorable Ludo was; while simultaneously nearly feeding him his body weight in fancy hand made dog treats that looked like they cost more than lunch at a restaurant.

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