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"I need to buy us dinner. Can you wait here for a while?" I asked Chris. I knew he was going to be fine but just in case, his manliness won't be of use until he realizes that he's a big sized man.

"Okay. Promise you'll come back, yeah?" I shouted a 'yes' before I went out to buy dinner.

Getting in the empty fast food chain, I immidiately spotted 3 suspicious men staring at me and looking away whenever I looked back at them. Oh norns, please let it be not what I'm thinking it is.

Oh God Oh God Oh God Oh God pleasebegonepleasebegonepleasebegone.

Heaving, I ordered and called Chris, afraid of what might happen. When I noticed them looking at me intensely still, I pulled my turtle neck up, then looked away as I waited for my order and Chris to answer my call.

"Hello? Is there a matter-"

"I'm in McDonalds, the nearest one from my house. Don't hang up. I see suspicious guys looking at me and eyeing me very carefully. Please,just, stay on the line. You make me feel safe." I heard some humming, then a word of agreement from Chris. I thanked him.

Now, all I gotta wait for is the food. Please, I need to run away from here.

No more than two minutes later, our dinner came and I mumbled something in relation to gratitude and ran as fast as I can.

I scratched my newly shaved chin, getting more worried that they're still behind me and on my pace. Well, long legs need to be of use!

I ran even faster until they can't keep up. I was relieved when the sight of them was gone, and I could now walk back home in peace.

Good. I need to hang up on Chris now, but doing that all of a sudden is rude. So I fished-

"Give me your money, dimwit," I knew it! I wanted to bang my head on the wall for being so stupid to think that they weren't coming back. Ugh!

"Please kind sir don't."

"What?" The hooded man asked. "Speak slowly and give me your money."

"Believe me, sir, I brought exact money today so I only have one pound on my pocket. Please let me go." The three of them laughed, then one, who I suppose leads them, took out a knife. I had a swiss knife too, but then I can't attack. I need to see if he's merciful enough to let me go. And I hope he will let me go.

"Fuck-!" Okay, He didn't let me go and now I bled in my shirt because he stabbed me. This went overboard, enough of rudeness.

I took out my swiss knife, thinking of what Chris said. I need to step up for myself, I need to, and to defend myself. Not hurt. Well, yes, hurt them but not in my intent. This was a need, not a want.

I yanked his hand which held the knife and the knife was left in my lower right torso. I guess that could stop bleeding?

But I didn't have enough time to think about that. I had to cut his cheek, then kick his chest so hard that he flew away to the other alley (oopsies!). I pointed my swiss knife to the two other guys, trying to tell them to run away and save themselves but oh well, they backed their leader up and punched me several times.

Square them up, Tom. Do this.

"Bullocks!" I cursed when he hit me while I was encouraging myself to do this, and it got me mad. I stabbed the two on one arm (which was exceptionally easy, given that they were punching me), then kicked them to the other alley too.

"Tom? Where are you?" Oh God! Chris was still on my phone! I need to hurry home!

As I went inside my house, I felt my wound hurting every passing second. Hopefully Chris didn't look down and he was still eating, or else I was dead-

"What the fuck, Tom!!?? You told me you knocked them off but you didn't tell me you still had a knife on you! What the fuck, let's get medical attention!" Oh great. Just in time.

"No, no, keep on eating. I will manage this myself and take out the knife." Well, I was taking out the knife while saying that, but it only led to Chris worrying more, and I panicked too.

I was bleeding a lot and was in bad pain but I felt my heart fluttering instead when Chris scooped me up, placed me on the shotgun seat of my car and drove away.

I smiled so wide that I forgot about the wound, though it was causing me pain and soon I can't help but stop smiling and mind myself bleeding on the seat of my car.

"Hang on, Tom, we're almost there." I raised an eyebrow at Chris and spoke, "I'm okay, I'm not falling to the brink of death, Chris. This is bearable."

"You're bleeding too much! And you've probably bled back there!" Chris yells and I just shut up. I combed my hair using my fingers vigorously, panicking greatly.

When we were at the emergency room, I held on to Chris and I felt so happy that I forgot to tell Chris to call a nurse if he wanted to help me. I only wanted to help me myself, I didn't like hospitals.

"Doc, we need a stretcher."

"So Chris, here's the thing. When people get shot or stabbed, they usually collapse and will be carried to a stretcher. But what about me? I can walk-with your help obviously- and I needed to lie down to a stretcher. So does that mean I will awkwardly sit and eventually lie down on the stretcher?"

Chris looked at me and thought. I could only stand there, waiting for the stretcher and his answer.

"Well, do you want me to carry you to the stretcher?"

"You would look like a cliche leading man."

"So you'll lie down awkwardly?"

"Don't be silent so it's not awkward."

Chris nodded and held my hands, supporting me to sit down on the stretcher.


"Chris?" I stopped lying down midway, trying to deduce what he's doing. I raised an eyebrow when he didn't explain.

"I thought you wanted me to not be silent so it's not awkward?"

I bursted out into laughter and slowly, Chris joined in. We weren't very mindful of what was happening so a nurse informed us.

"Sir, you're bleeding even more! Please stop moving and laughing and lie down. You will be in grave danger if you stay this way."

I turned to Chris. "On second thought, I'd like it if you stayed silent so I don't die."

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