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in which taehyung is left at home to take care of two littles, his own hidden little side and insecurities getting the best of him.

warning:jungkook's a lil bitch oof


"it'll just be for thirty minutes, okay tae?"

taehyung nodded, and his hyungs left, leaving him with a jungkook clinging onto him and jimin quietly looking at them.

a smile appeared on the maknae's face, and he tugged at taehyung's faded blue hair,"c'mon, let's go play!"

taehyung shook his head,"why don't you go play with minnie, kook? hyung's a lil' tired."

jungkook glared, looking at jimin who just stared back before stomping his foot,"play, now! i don't wanna play with minnie, wanna play with hyung, now!"

he was yelling, obviously throwing a tantrum, but taehyung hated it, he hated being yelled at. it made him feek small, useless, and a burden.

stop,i'm sorry kookie, but i can't play with you.

"please, go to the room and play with minnie first, okay? hyung wants to make himself a drink."

jungkook scowled but nodded, dragging jimin away with him.

taehyung heaved a sigh of relief, he couldn't slip now, as much as he wanted to.

namjoon and the other hyung had trusted him with the littles, and he couldn't disappoint them. the look of disappointment was always enough to send taehyung straight into little space.

taehyung sighed as he picked up his cup of milo, entering the room, before his eyes widened in horror.

jungkook was harshly doodling on the wall with a crayon, jimin giggling as he basically wrecked his toys.

"jeon jungkook, park jimin! stop that!"

jimin paused, pouting, before he got up and pointed to the wall,"koo koo told me to say to hyungies that y-you dwid this!"

taehyung's jaw dropped, immense terror filling him at the sight of the ruined room.

jungkook grinned smug, "see! jus' becuz' you didn't play wif' me, it's all taetae's fault!"

taehyung put down his cup, pulling jimin out the room, as well as, a bit too harshly due to his fear, dragging jungkook away from the wall.

"stop! i hwate you,"jungkoom trashed, pulling himself away roughly from taehyung,"i hate you so much, i hwate you!"

taehyung bit his lip, letting the little, who others would have disciplined immediately, throw remarks at him.

tears filled his eyes as he willed himself to stop.

jungkoom grabbed the crayon and dragged a long, red line along the once white walls, smirking smugly. "hyu-hyungies' gonna be soooo' mad !"

he had enough.

tearing up, taehyung left the room, all thoughts of stopping the littles devoured by his own self conscious ones.

falling to the floor in his own room, he hugged his legs tight and sobbed into them, all the time trying to stay silent.

how long has it been since he hadn't cried in little space, just because he was lonely and wanted the same love as the other two?


"taehyung, we're back-"

seokjin frowned, the quietness unusual.

"isn't it a bit too.. quiet?"

namjoon nodded, hoseok putting down his bags, as they heard a ear piercing scream from the playroom, as well as a loud crash.

seokjin's eyes widened in worry and all four hyungs rushed to the room, horror filling them when they saw what the two were doing.

"jimin! put that down!" seokjin yelled, grabbing him as hoseok stopped jungkook from ruining the wall more.

"what were you two thinking?!" yoongi yelled, making the two flinch and start sobbing.

"t-taetae didn't wanna play with koo-kookie so- so,"jungkook wailed out, scared at yoongi's yell.

namjoon glared at them, before growling,"i trust him to take care of them and ? where has that brat gone?!"

he stomped to taehyung's room, roaring,"kim fucking taehyung, what the hell are you doing? i trusted you to help them, and you let them nearly hurt themselves! jimin was trying to eat a goddamn toy car, he could've died!"

"i'm so disappointed."

that was enough for taehyung to start bawling his eyes out, and as namjoon adjusted his eyes to the darkness, he saw the boy curled uo on his bed.

"'m sorry, taet- i'm so sowwy! pl-please don't 'ate me, dun' kick taetae out of the g-group!"

taehyung cried, hating the feeling of guilt and disappointment as namjoon stared at him, shocked.

before he had time to reply, taehyung started spewing out strings of apologys.

"hyu-hyungie, i-i'm sorry, sowwy 'm so useless! an' burden..!"

namjoon was angry, but he knew when something was wrong, and something was terribly wrong this time.

"taehyung, what's wrong?"he noticed how he spoke.

"tae... are you a little?"

fears pushed it's way into the little's body, his small frame shaking with every sob,"'m sowwy taetae's not as c-cute as kookie or as-as pweety as minnie! 'm sowwy i'm ugwy, and dis-disgwusting!"

namjoon enveloped him into a tight hug, "baby boy, you're none of those. you're beautiful and amazing, baby. please don't say that."

"why didn't you tell hyungies when kookie and minnie did?"

taehyung sobbed, sniffling,"c-cause, didn't want hyungies to hwate taetae! tae-taetae gotta take c-cware of kookie and minnie, and no-not disappwoint..!"

namjoon hushed him, whispering,"baby, please stop crying, i love you, hyungie's will never hate you. i'm sorry, i'm not disappointed. i love you too much."

taehyung sniffled.

"ready to go tell hyungies?"

the little nodded, grabbing onto namjoon's arm for dear life.

yoongi's eyes darkened the moment he saw taehyung,"taehyung! you should've known better than to-"

namjoon glared at him when taehyung flinched, making the hyungs shut up and stare at the uncomfortable little.

"taehyung has something to tell you guys, right, tae?"

taehyung nodded shakily, "i- taetae's a l-li-little, too.. 'm sowwy for not telling hyungies, thought that taetae was ugwy, but minnie and kookie were pw-pweety and c-cute.. "

seokjin hugged him.

"don't say that, bun. you're wonderful. your hyungs love you."

"please don't hide it anymore, hyungie  can't bear to see you sad."

"and don't worry, kookie and minnie will get their punishments, now why don't we get you a new hot milo, baby boy?"


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