Chapt.5 - Best Pup Friends Forever

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The Paw Patrol were shopping in a pet store. They were there to buy things for Skye, like her personal chew toy, bed, and collar tag. While the other pups could buy a new chew toy or simply a toy for them to play with.

"Okay pups, I'll meet you here, okay?" As they barked gleefully and ran separate ways. Rocky ran to a pile of balls. Marshall accidentally tripped on a rope that could be used for a tug-of-war. Zuma went to find a toy that could spray water. While Skye went to find a pink fluffy bed for her to sleep in.

But as she walks her way there, she heard footsteps, she turned around and found Chase following her "Chase? What are you doing here?" She asks "I want to come with you! Maybe you could also use some help!" He replies cheerfully.

The cockapoo giggles at his enthusiasm and kindness "Thanks Chase" as they ran to find a bed for her to sleep in. Later, they found a pink bed, that is very fluffy, and there was a rose pink heart pillow with white cloth hanging from the side.

"This is perfect!" She exclaimed. Then, they both pulled it out if the shelf. When it had touched the ground, Chase suddenly smiled. This made Skye curious, so she asked "Why are you smiling?"

A smirk played on Chase's lips "Sit on your bed, I'll drag you there with it! Like a sled! Only, one's pulling!" He replies. Then Skye laughed once more "Okay!" She replies with no hesitation. Then, she hopped on it.

With Chase, he bit one end of her bed, then began to drag it around. Both were having the time if their life. Skye had never felt this happy before, ever since her owner had left her.

Maybe... This is her fate! A light at the end of the tunnel! She silently thanked the authors of her life that she was saved by Chase. Who knew her life saver would be her friend?

Later, they have reached where Ryder was standing. To his surprise, both Chase and Skye were getting along! He laughed at their adorableness. "You cute pups!" He implies, as Skye hops off her bed and allowed Ryder to place it on the counter.

"Is this all you want Skye?" He asks. Then, she thinks really, really hard about it "Hmm... Maybe one chew toy will be fine" as she dashes back to the maze of shelves. Not longing, she got out with a bone that squeaks.

She released the toy from her mouth and the toy dropped onto Ryder's right palm. After checking them out, the pups and Ryder went back to the look out.

At the look out, everyone pup were playing, enjoying their newly bought toys. With Skye, she was playing with Marshall and Zuma.

"Skye!! Catch!!" Zuma yells, as he bumps the flying ball to her. Skye barked happily as she bumps it to Marshall. "I got! I got it!!" The dalmatian yells, but unfortunately, there was a rock behind him, which made him trip and unable to pass the ball back to Zuma.

The two pups ran to him "Are you okay?" Skye asks, very concerned. "Yeah I'm fine! I always trip" he says, as he shakes the dust off his coat. Skye gave Zuma a look "Don't worry, it happens to him. A lot, actually" as he laughs.

Then Skye smiled at them and stretched out a paw to Marshall to help him up. "Just be careful next time..." she says right after Marshall is back on his paws. But she just received a laugh "I can't really promise you that" as he grins then continues to play with them.

Later on, all the pups were called for lunch. All the pups barked gleefully and went inside. There, they met rider filling up their bowls with simple dog food.

After maybe ten minutes, bowls are spotless-empty, and the pups went upstairs to sleep there. When almost every pup had doze off for their afternoon siesta.

Skye just looked out the huge window that runs from every side of the look-out. I'm really lucky to be here... She thought to herself, as she involuntarily smiles to herself.

The pup was enjoying herself with the view, she's enjoying the peace the surrounding gave to her. When she thought ever pup was asleep, someone had whispered her name "Skye..." it said.

She turned around to see that same pup who saved her a few days ago. He was smiling his usual grin and his tail was wagging, indicating he was very happy.

Skye giggled softly "Hi Chase" she whispers, trying not to wake any pup up "Why are you awake?". Then, he found him look away from him and smile away from her. "I want to give you this" he quietly says and gave her a plastic flower.

"I bought it while we were at the pet shop. I wanted to give you this so you could always remember that no matter what happens, I'll be here" then, a smile slowly appeared on her face.

She then, grabbed the plastic flower, as she held it in her mouth, Chase opens his mouth to speak more "So... Friends?"

Skye then giggles "Best Pup Friends Forever." As Chase's eyes lit up, when he heard he found a new best friend. He jumped happily and hugged her. "Thanks Skye!!" He says as he licks her furry cheek. The two ended up in a laughing mess...

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