Chapt.4 - The Paw Patrol

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"SKYE!!" Chase howled, as this drew all the other young pups, and even Ryder's attention. They retraced their steps back quickly to see what was happening.

To their horror, Skye was tumbling. "Chase! Use your net!!" Ryder commands, as he barks to call his net, as he shoots it to two trees as it ties itself making a trampoline-like net.

With Chase's fast reflexes, he had place his net in between trees just in time, as this caught Skye, which stopped her from rolling down even more.

Everyone quickly run to the cockapoo, who was already whimpering, because of how hurt she was. But what kind...

"Are you okay Skye?" Ryder asks, then her eyes scanned all the pups, but one pup had caught her eyes. Chase. He looked like he was in deep guilt.

When Chase had looked away and quietly whimpers, Skye replies "Y-yeah... I'm. Fine" she managed to say out loud. He then petted her, which had calmed Skye atleast a little.

Then, he had questioned her "How did this happen?" As Chase then said "It's my fault. I hadn't took extra care of her..." he admitted.

This took Skye by surprise. It wasn't his fault at all. Actually, it was her, as she let the memories haunt her, to cause her out-balance.

Skye knew she couldn't let Chase take the blame. He had helped her quite enough for the past few days. So, she had to do the right thing "It's my fault... Really." She bathed in.

This caused the questionable faces that was used to look on Chase, swiftly shifted to Skye. "Yes. Mine." She declared quietly "I let memories haunt me..."

Everyone's faces became into a questioning one, into a somewhat concerned one. "Let's take you home Skye. I'm all sorry pups to cancel the hike" Ryder says, picking Skye up.

"It's okay Ryder, atleast we got to see cool views!" Zuma says, then Rocky agreed "I've got my souvenier anyways, see? I can make a puppy table out of this, y'know?"

Then everyone shared laughs, even Skye. And with that, they went back to the Paw Patrol look out. Minutes later, they have finally reached the look out.

Ryder laid Skye on a pillow and went to fetch the first-aid kit. As he made a beeline for it, he began to ask "What were those memories?".

Skye gulped. As her cherry blossom eyes looked at each pup. Rocky. Zuma. Marshall. Chase... Her heart beated loudly that she could hear it with her own very ears. As if her heart had climbed its way up to her head.

There is no turning back now. She had admitted that it was memories who had made her shake. So everyone expects a non-questionable answer, and more likely. The truth.

The cockapoo breaths in and out, as she opens her mouth to speak. She told them all about her previous owner at how she was left at the campsite.

That they happen to be nearby Adventure Bay Mountain, so she was pushed off from there. "Woah... Nobody could really survive that kind of fall" Marshall replies, ad there was concern in his voice.

At once, Skye felt she was loved here. More than ever. But then, she had a sting inside her heart. Her owner. Why can't she forget her owner, if it had treated her so badly?

"Don't worry Skye, we won't treat you like your previous owner" Ryder reassured. But then, Skye noticed something...

Her new owner looks like only by the age of seven. Shouldn't he be atleast with his parents? Skye hesitated at first, but her concern for this guy had won against hesitation.

"R-ryder? Don't you have any... Parents? Family?" Then suddenly, his face darkens. Although, there was still a smile on his lips. "I-i... I mean... If it's a touchy subject, it's fine if you won't--"

"No, it's fine" Ryder replies eventually "Gather around pups..." he mutters quietly. The five pups exchanged looks, then had walked closer to him.

The seven year-old kid, took a deep breath, then spoke his forbidden story...

"My family used to live here at this Lookout. They used to work as rescuers to any animals. Once they have rescued some pets, like cats or dogs, they'll protect it here and put them for sale. Y'know... Like an animal shelter" he then stopped. And his face slightly lit up.

"Later on, I was born. I grew up taking care of animals of any sort. But..." he paused again. Chase began to whimper as he snuggles to him.

He quietly laughs as he pets the German Shepherd's head "But... The time has come when they were on a rescue, they were saving a penguin from Mount Rumble(?) And currently, was active... Which... Had sadly killed them three."

"I was left with their animals, and I inherited the money they left. So I had worked very hard on my own. I helped people in the pet salon. The fruir store... Anywhere, just to keep me alive. I was quite fortunate that I don't have to problem electric bill as this runs on an eco-friendly energy..."

As Skye listens to his story. She was quite shocked at how mature this seven year-old could be. His story was honestly heartbreaking. She could really relate to his story.

The feeling of being left all of a sudden. Only in her case... She wad betrayed. "We're so sorry to hear that Ryder..." Zuma says, as he places his paw on his lap.

"No need to feel sorry Zuma... I have you guys, speaking of you guys... While I had worked to keep myself alive. One day as I was going back home, I heard soft whimpers from a bush. I checked it and found Chase, I took him home" then Chase had licked his owner's face.

"Then, I decided to continue my parents' footsteps. Although, I couldn't help alone. So I tried finding abandoned dogs and raise them. With my dogs' help, we could help the world" he finishes his story with a smile.

Then, the pups all jumped on him and started to cuddle and lick him. He's drowning with all of his pups' affection. They were showering him love and by that lick and cuddle, Ryder could feel how he was very loved and how he was not alone.

"Well, it's just 10 am. Who's up for a doggy shopping?" Then all the dogs started barking "We are! We are!"

Then, Ryder flashes his usual grin, as if he hadn't told them a hurtful past to them "Well then, come follow me pups!"

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