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| Contents have been slightly edited |

So before I get this story started, I want you to keep in mind, that I will TRY to connect my story to the real one, and add some of my own imagination.

If you think one scene is familiar (it's because I got it from an ACTUAL episode), and seems wrong. I apologize. I can't exactly remember every detail of it. And as much as I do my own research about the pups, of who they are really close with.

I apologize. One heads up is the 'Skye and Zuma' best friends thingy. If you think that Skye and Rocky are actually more closer than those two, I apologize. I've already had plotten down everything and will slowly publish them day by day.

I just researched about them and Nick.Jr has spoken and has announced (in fact, made a video) stating that Skye and Zuma are best friends. While I do some research in wikipedia, I found that they are 'competitive buddies'.

Also, about Zuma's talking. Some says he has some speech impediment. But I'd just classify that he's talking with British accent. Because I'd often forget to turn his 'r's into 'w's. So please just imagine Zuma into whatever you think. I just think Zuma speaks somewhat with British one.

Then again, if there are any wrong facts about the paw patrol. I'm so SO SO sorry about them. I'm trying my best to research facts and I have lack of resources. Plus, as much as I want to watch all of the episodes for my knowledge, I can't. Because Youtube doesn't show any full episodes, and Nick.Jr's Paw Patrol schedule only shows four-five episodes per day for an hour. And what's unfortunate, is that in a week, an episode could be shown to us for multiple times.

And with the 'episode connection thingy' I don't know which episode actually goes first. So then again, my own imagination.

So if you have any concerns or any correctioms you want me to do, please comment them. I'll try to apply them in the future chapters or books.

Thank you and enjoy the book.

And one more. If you're just a huge hater with the ship that involves here, or either the show itself. You don't need to be here and comment "Oh Cathy, you watch a children's show? How childish!"

Or any whatnot. Just darn stop. I am fully aware that this is a children show. And it is weird to ship dogs (for some people's view).


Before you read, I suggest you to play all the songs I've inserted as you read. It would make the atmosphere very pleasing. Yw!

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