Chapter 26

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Blue and Don drove around in Highbridge to make a few drops. After laying low for a few weeks, he decided that it was time to get back to hustling. In his mind, money was becoming tight, and he had a family. He didn't want them to have to want for nothing so he had to do what he needed to do.

He and Ava are doing better than ever. Still learning new things about one another and becoming more inseparable every second they're with each other. They were so in love.

And it was crazy because Blue have never experienced this kind of love with a woman. It don't matter the circumstances she was in before they met, or anything else. Ava showed him a different type of loyalty. He felt more comfortable around her than any of his friends and he couldn't wait until she had his child.

Sometimes, he got lost in his mind with he think about her. He'd be lying if he said she didn't change him. He'll probably be loosing his mind right now. Scratch that, he absolutely would lose his mind with out her.

Damn, can you picture that? He can't either. See, this is an example of him being drowned in his thoughts as of now. Don was talking to to him and he couldn't even hear a word that came out of Don's mouth.

"Aye, Blue? You straight my nigga?" Don asked, looking at Blue awkwardly.

Blue finally glared over at Don in the drivers seat, then looked back at the view in front of him as his glided through the hood. "I'm good," he answered.

Don sighed and laid his head comfortably on the head rest while looking out of the window. "Mannn, you wouldn't believe what happened to me." He started up a conversation.

"What the hell yo square headed ass got into now?" Blue nonchalantly responded.

"Ohhhh I got into a lot, actually!"

"Ight stop beatin' around the bush. Tell me what the fuck happened, nigga."

Don cheesed and clamped his hands together. "Ya boy lost his virginity."

Simon eyes popped open from the back seat and he rose up from his seat, "excuse me?"

Blue laughed aloud, knowing that Simon was about to start exaggerating. "Here he go."

"You heard me. I lost my virginity," Don repeated. "After we made that drop, I went to cash out, bought me a whole lotta shit. When I came back, girls was on my ass! I said why not and just had sex with a fine ass snow bunny. Shorty won't stop calling me doe."

Simon slapped his forehead and smiled, "shit! Bout fucking time nigga!" He grabbed Don by the shoulders and shook him like a proud father. "I thought you'd never get some pussy."

Shaking his head, Blue came to a complete  stop at an stop sign, "y'all wild."

"Nah, this nigga right here wild," Simon pointed towards Don. "Tryna be a man and shit," he teased.

"Aye, don't get to carried away that was my first time. It was good and all but ole girl to clingy, I don't think I'm fucking again until I get a girlfriend." Don shut the hype down real quick. He didn't see why people tripped over females now a days. Having sex wasn't something he cared about on the regular basis as long as he's not wealthy.

"Good. You shouldn't give it up to any and everybody like Simon has in his past. That's how you get diseases." Blue said.

"Bitch, I never had a disease," Simon defensively retorted.

"Shit, who knows what you had," Blue shot back, carelessly. "All I'm saying is, don't be like Simon, D."

Don nodded and laughed.

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