Chapter Four: ....To Laugh Off

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September 1, 1993 [Flashback]:
After dinner Harry followed behind his brother, mother, and their godfathers to the headmaster's office. Apparently this was a family meeting with the old goat.

Once inside Harry turned his seat around and straddled it. Both his and James' head of house were also part of the meeting. He ignored the disapproving looks from everyone and focused on the headmaster.

"Albus!" He cheerfully greets getting a gasp out of his mother and Mcgonagall.

"Harry. May I ask where your uniform is?" The old man's eyes were twinkling and he was smiling.

Grinning, "well funny story-" he stops when the fireplace roars to life and permits his father.

"Sorry I'm late headmaster, everyone." He curtly nods to everyone and barely spares Harry a glance.

"As I was saying," Harry turns back to the old goat, "I went to Diagon alley on my birthday, and went school shopping with my friends. While doing so my dear Elise had asked me what I wanted, and you see I had no idea until I was looking at her tattoo. That's when we got distracted and ended up taking a lovely stroll through knockturn," his mother gasps, "and arrived at my employer business. From there I went and got a tattoo, marvelous things they are, and when we were done it was so late that we left. From there it just kept slipping my mind. You know how youth lkke me are."

Albus still had a smile and twinkle in his eyes, "I see my dear boy. Well it sounds like you had a marvelous celebration that day. I'm glad to hear you enjoying yourself."

For some reason this didn't rub Harry the wrong way, instead it warmed his heart, and he smiled a genuine smile, practically blinding the others.

"Thanks, I did. You should meet Atlas, my boss, he was bitten during the war by Greyback. Since then the only place he can set shop is in knockturn. He's a good man, he's tutored me during the summers in a few of my subjects. When he went here he was a Ravenclaw."

"Ah! I believe I know who you work for, yes I remember we had an Atlas. He loved art so very much, reminds me of you actually. Your first year I'd see you skip classes with a drawing pad and wander sround until you found a place." Ablus was happily engaging Harry, he knew the boy was having trouble compared to his brother.

In truth he was very fond of Harry, the boy was insecure but if you watch him, one would find a very loving, confident, caring, talented young man. Don't get him wrong he was fond of James too but he doesn't have an established relationship with Harry, and he'd very much like one.

Harry was still smiling, "yeah the sketch pad, I still have one with me, I usually sketch in it at night. But enough about me!" He was becoming aware of the attention, "what did you need us for?"

Albus was a little disappointed to end the conversation with the boy but he was right.

Sighing, "have any of you read the daily prophets special night edition for tonight? Im certain by now the rest of Hogwarts has gotten theirs."

Every replied with negatives.

"Well there has been a prison break-"

Both aurors shot up and started to tall over eachother.

"Enough!" Albus comands.

James and Sirius both remain standing but James is the one who asks, "Why haven't we been called in?"

"Because I asked to tell you who broke out, and why you, James, will also be joining Hogwarts staff." Here he paused turning his focus on everyone, "on top of that there will be a small group of dementors joining us, Fudge wanted over a hundred for this escapee but with two aurors I was able to convince him half."

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