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It's been 3 months and me and Gelo are officially together, it's been hard but we've got through it. It's now Saturday and tonight there is a party at Jass's house I told her I would help her set up and get the house sorted for tonight.
I decided to wear

(Can we just take a min look how stunning she looks I don't know who she is but she's beautiful)Once everything was ready I ft Gelo and told him I would meet him at the party

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(Can we just take a min look how stunning she looks I don't know who she is but she's beautiful)
Once everything was ready I ft Gelo and told him I would meet him at the party.
When everyone started to arrive I looked around for Gelo and spotted him with his friends and brothers, I walked over and put my arms around him from behind and cuddled him.
He turned and smiled before giving me a quick peck because I was wearing lipgloss. ( the sticky kind is the best kind don't @ me)

After a couple of hours me and Gelo were grinding against each other and drinking shots every 10 minutes, it was so funny. I began pushing myself into him more and kissed his neck as he squeezed my ass.
I then felt liquid trickledown my back and onto the floor, I turn to see Nicole with a smirk on her face " Oh my god I'm so sorry look at the mess I've made" I push her away from me and run upstairs to the bathroom to dry off. When I walk out the bathroom I bump into a hard body causing me to fall, I look up and see a guy ( Basically not her type). I stand up while he apologises and I just shake it off.
While walking off I felt my arm being grabbed, next thing my body was pulled back and pushed against the wall. " WTF GET OFF ME YOU FREAK" I shout in his face, he smirks and begins to untie my top before pulling me into an empty room. I scream but it's no use his hands are covering my mouth making all the noise I'm making impossible to hear.
I kick and tried to hit him but he was too strong, I then feel his hand around my neck while he pushes down. My eyes become heavy and I can feel myself losing consciousness, i immediately scratch at his face knowing if I don't try and get away he might kill me. I catch him in his eye and make a run for it, i open the door and see Gelo. I scream his name but I'm dragged back into the room and the door is locked, I hear Gelo coming towards the door trying to open it desperately. I fight back as much as possible before he hits my head with a heavy object then I black out.
I woke up seeing Gelo ontop of him punching repeatedly and everyone surrounded around, Jass runs up to me and helps me up while Gelos friends try and get him off the boy.
I see Gelo coming towards me and hug me tight, I begin to cry into his arms and he picks me up and walks me out the house into his car. We arrive back at his house after a quiet car ride and he helps me into his house and up to his room. My body was in shock and I felt vulnerable and weak, I couldn't believe someone would touch me like that and be so rough with me. We got into bed and he pulled me close while whispering in my ear little things like " I'll never let anyone hurt you" I smiled and kissed his lips before closing my eyes and falling asleep.

So I want to know how everyone feels about BLACKFISHING I personally think it's awful and just disrespectful. I'm only mentioning it because while searching for an outfit I typed in 'black insta baddie outfits' and that white girl who was trying to be black popped up and it really annoyed me. I'm white and think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and to see girls claiming they are black using it to gain followers while there are girls who have Naturally deeper skin tones who are being called ugly really upsets me. I've never been targeted for the colour of my skin but I can't imagine how horrible it must be, so them pretending to be something they aren't is fucking disgusting.
I believe everyone should be able to dress and do what they want but theirs a line and that is over it.
I feel like everyones skin tone is unique and should be praised, I believe if we were all the same the world would be boring. We need to realise that there is no such thing as the perfect woman or man!

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