Kingslayer Pt. 2-Jaime Lannister x Reader

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The ship ride was exhausting, boring, and all around horrible. Varys was never really there to discuss anything with me, we had to hide Tyrion so he wouldn't be sold back to Cersei, and I couldn't leave my room. I miss the conversations I would have with Jaime. The jokes, the joy that would wash over me when he would arrive at my cell.

The only thing that was holding me through all of this was that Varys said I would see my little sister for the first time. My mother and younger brother left before Daenerys was even born, so I never met her. I only had my insane father and my missing, older brother, though I cared for Elia and loved my niece and nephew with all my heart. But, they were all gone now. All I have is Dany.

I no longer dyed my hair because there was no point in hiding it anymore if I was going to hide away in this room. By the time we got to Meereen, my hair was platinum blonde like every other Targaryen before me.

The ride to the castle was not as horrible, mostly because of how the hope and excitement of seeing Dany filled me. Varys refused to come with me because he had to worry about other matters before he personally met her. Tyrion went missing so I was meeting her by myself.

I entered the large, beautiful throne room and was speechless when I laid eyes on my little sister. She was an elegant woman now, our mother and Rhaegar would be so proud to see her like this. I am proud enough for all three of us.

The young woman next to her stepped forward. "You stand before Daenerys Stormborn Of the House Targaryen." She continues on with all the titles she has earned over all these years. Once she finished they looked at me, expecting me to say who I was.

"You would definitely not remember me, Daenerys. Probably neither would Ser Barristan Selmy." I laugh as I see the older man. He protected my family and saved my father's life once. He would hang around with Rhaegar many times and was nothing but kind to me.

"You will call her Queen or Your Grace." The young woman says.

"I don't think I will have to." I smile and continue to look at Dany.

Dany smirks, "Now why is that? And how do you think I would know you?"

"I am Y/N of House Targaryen. A younger sister of Rhaegar and an older sister to Viserys and you." I smile and she looks at me confused then turns to Barristan.

He then seems to recognize me. "Y/N! Gods! It has been so many years. I thought you were dead!"

"No, I learned from people close to me that I am not allowed to die easily." I smile and he smiles back.

"So this is true, Ser Barristan? She is my older sister?" Dany stands and asks, not moving her eyes from me.

"Yes." He smiles.

I start to walk up the stairs when I was stopped by the armored men. She moves her hand to tell them to let me pass. I continue to walk. "Are you going to let me hug you?" I say after a few moments of standing.

She opens her arms and I embrace her. I squeeze as I feel tears form in my eyes. "You look exactly like our mother. She would be proud of you," I whisper to her. We let go and she smiles at me.

"If you would let me, I want to be in service to you. From what I've heard back in Westeros and what I see here, you are a great queen and will only get better. I want to stand by you in this and anything else you face." I hold her hands in mine and stare into her eyes.

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