5: Into the Black (2/3)

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With their gear prepared, the line of twelve cadets stretched in to a line starting from barracks complex, spaces between the cadets growing as they walked on to Hangar Bay One. Anxiety filled them all—and with good reason. Today they would be their first chance at a live sortie in the Z-42 Hammerheads they'd used in their simulation exercises up to this point.

Generally stoic, Michan Rolance couldn't even hide his excitement. Tall and muscularly built, Michan often unintentally put people off with both his imposing size and his quiet demeanor. For someone Michan's size, the cockpit of a Hammerhead was a bit snug. Though close with all of the cadets who still remained in Commander Warren's advanced program, Michan had become especially close with two people at the academy.

The first? His roommate, Izzy Lanceville.

The second? She walked backwards facing him with a stare that penetrated his grey eyes. In fact, she was his sole reason for being at Aloyo in the first place.

"What are you thinking about?" Savela Olos asked, pulling a lock of silver-colored hair behind an ear. A cute smile crept into the corner of her thin-lipped mouth.

"It's nothing Savi. I'm just a little anxious. The Commander is finally giving us our shot up there. We're finally gonna hit the black."

Savela took his big hands into hers and gave them a squeeze, then stopped walking, causing Michan to stop. Savela waved at four of the female cadets walking past and returned her attention back to Michan. Standing on her tip-toes, she leaned in with a soft kiss. Her lips softly met his and she smiled up at him.

"I know," she said before she placed one of his hands over her heart. "Can you feel that?"

Through her flightsuit, he could feel her heart fluttering in her chest. Michan smiled at her, "Talk about a good kiss, huh?"

She lightly jabbed him in the stomach and a wicked grin snuck on to her face, "In that case, that's the last one you get for a while unless you want to stop being a smart ass."

He pulled her close and planted another soft kiss square on her lips. "Last one, huh?" he asked.

A sheepish smile accompanied her answer, "Ok, so maybe I lied."

Two more cadets walked past them on either side.

"Get a room, you two," one of them said.

"Get a life, Kal," Michan responded, shoving Kalvyn and making him stumble forward. Once more he looked down back at Savela and a little part of him melted. She smiled up at him, stood on her tip toes again, and gave him another kiss. This one on the cheek.

"Come on," she said hooking her arm into his, "We don't want to be late."

He picked up both his gear and hers and the two proceeded to the hangar.

- - -

Nikoman Ariades, Indelli Eslos, Dara Joyce and Karina Davyles walked at the front of the scattered line of cadets. Enthusiastically, the girls traded conversation as they walked.

Nikoman, although nineteen, didn't look over fifteen, appearing pixie-like in the blue flightsuit. Emerald eyes glistened beneath a head of straight platinum blonde hair worn in a ponytail. Her small stature didn't limit her ability in hand-to-hand combat either as she was able to match up rather fairly with Indelli, one of the best unarmed combatants on base.

Karina Davyles looked nothing like her twin brother, Jenson. The two had dramatically different kinds of hair as well as differing complexions. Karina's lighter skin contrasted with her brown eyes and her black hair was naturally straight. Jenson on the other hand had a much darker complexion, almost a milk-chocolate brown, and wore his extremely curly hair in an immaculate afro.

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