Cover #22

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This cover is for Ashtyn Mane

Title: Flawed.

Description: As humans, we all have our flaws. A flaw can be minuscule, something easily hidden that no one will ever notice. But then there are the fatal flaws. The ones that threaten the people around you. The ones that can tear people apart. The ones that can destroy you. When the flaws of several teens are brought to light, some will stand strong, whilst other's will be consumed.

Ideas: Maybe like a sunset with a couple faded into it, or someone smoking in it, something like that. If you have any good ideas, feel free to take artistic freedom.

Author: Ashtyn Mane

Awwthentic Note: It took me more time to design this cover then i usually take. It involved lots of features and effects to give it the nlook it has now. It was not difficult but time-consuming, definitely.

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Dated: 13/09/2014

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