Chapter Fifty

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We'd gotten to sleep somewhere around 4:30AM.
Then the alarm had gone off at 8:00.
It was not enough sleep.
I'd already had three coffee's and we were just now pulling up at the big Golden Arches which I'd been to a whole three times in my life.
We don't have McDonald's in Riverston.
Or anywhere near my home town.
"You okay over there?"
I dragged my tired gaze across the Ute's cab at the sound of Blayze's amused voice.
I nodded.
"I'm good."
I wasn't about to let having less than four hour's sleep ruin our day.
Blayze opened the driver's side door.
I watched a line of car's go to the opposite side of the building, where there was a sign that said 'Drive Thru'.
How cool was that!
"We can't go through there?"
I asked, pointing across the parking lot.
"We won't fit."
Blayze informed me.
"There's poles and shit across the top. Only City car's get to go through there."
"That's discrimination!"
I complained, unbuckling my seat belt.
"One day in our lives, I'll find you a Drive Thru we can go through."
Blayze promised.
I pushed my passenger side door open, slipped down from my seat, shuffled out of the way and closed the door.
"Here you go."
I smiled gratefully as Blayze brought me my crutches.
Yes, so far this morning I was needing them.
"So much seem's so big in the City."
I muttered.
"Except space. So why'd they go and make a tiny Drive Thru which we can't fit in?"
"Who know's?"
Blayze shrugged.
His impatience was practically rolling off him in waves.
"I'm hurrying."
I grumbled, adjusting the tops of the crutches under my armpits.
"I'm not trying to hurry you. It's just that we've got today to find us some ring's."
Blayze muttered.
Surely in Adelaide we'll be able to find us some ring's we like!

Rundle Mall.
Blayze parked at Rundle Mall.
"There's a shop in here that Lukas, your Mum and your Grandparent's told me about."
He explained.
I'd been to Rundle Mall twice in my life.
One time as a Kid with Mum and Grandma.
And the day after my thirteenth Birthday Uncle Lukas brought me out here to 'pick out my present'.
"Well I hope you know where you're going, because I've only been here twice in my almost twenty year's of existence."
I informed him.
Blayze laughed!
"I think we're both gonna he as lost as each other."
He assured me.
"Coz I've been to this idiot place an entire one time. And I got what I needed and left."
Blayze has been to Rundle Mall?
I twisted in the passenger seat to watch him better.
"What the heck did you come to Rundle Mall for?"
He averted his gaze to look out the windscreen.
"This is where I got your Engagement ring."
He muttered.
No way!
He drove all the way into the City of Adelaide to get my Engagement ring?
A surge of excitement coursed rapidly through me.
"Are we gonna go to the same shop?!"
I asked, trying hard to sit still.
He shot me an almost dark look.
He scolded.
"For one, I don't need you finding out how much the bloody thing cost."
He grumbled.
"So we're avoiding the shop that you used? But what if we can't find anything? What if there's no other jewellery stores?"
Blayze rolled his eyes.
"There's plenty of jewellery stores in this godforsaken place, I already checked. And if we've been through every other one and you still haven't found the ring you want, then I guess we'll have no choice but to visit the one we're otherwise not going to."
"Are you even gonna tell me what store it was?"
I tried.
"Well... how about we get this show on the road? If we've been here a whole three times between us..."
I didn't finish my statement.
I wasn't too sure that either of us wanted me to.
There was a high chance we would be getting lost today!
Blayze unbuckled his seat belt.
"Let's do it."
He pushed the driver's side door open.
The odd's on us getting lost were very high and I had to hop my way around on crutches.

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