Chapter 1: My New Begging

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Ash (POV)

I was helping my mother set dinner for (Y/N) family. I knew (Y/N) ever since pampers, Which is quite embarrassing when my mom brings it up.

I put water in the vase well my mom put down salad. I put in some of my mom's flowers in the vase. I set it down in the middle of the table.

"You picked (Y/N) favorite flowers" My mom looked at the vase. "It's her birthday tomorrow so it's the least I can do" I shrugged. "Oh, I thought you were going to be more competitive with her" Mom said walking around table with the forks on the table.

"Well, where still friends" I said trying to change the subject. "I just remembering you to tackling each other in your pampers" She squeaked. I felt heat on my checks and it started to rise.

I felt my mom pat the back of my head. Then, I heard the doorbell ring and I ran to open it.

When I open the door seeing (Y/N) and her father. Know one ever knew what happen to her mom because she brain washed everyone not to remember. I'm pretty sure that what's happen, I think that's what happen. I slowly walked back to into the house.

(Y/N) placed a pan with food in it.


I placed the food on the table." Our Birthday Eve and Beginner Pokemon Master Eve.... I made Spaghetti and Bread sticks with a side of Cake and Cookies" I said dramatically throwing the top off the pan.

"Smells great" Ash drooled over the food. "Then Let's Eat" My Father shouter. I grabbed a a giant fork and started to to put some on everyone's plate. Then, I heard the door knock.

Ash and I ran to get it. It was Gary.. Why is he hear may I never more.

"(Y/N), I knew you would be here" He laughed "Why don't you come over for dinner at my place".

"No Thanks, their something that makes me gage when i see it and eating with me with a something will make me throw up" I explained with a serious face.

"What is it I fix it right away" He said.

"Can you fix your face" I asked then Ash slammed the door.

We high fives each other and ran back to the table.

"Good work (Y/N), Your the getting better by the insult" Ash smiled.

"I owe it to my Master" I said bowing my head. "The grasshopper ,has finally learned how to make noise" He said bowing his head.

We stopped and started to laugh like a mad scientist.

We all started to eat.

Time Skip~ After Eating

"Here you go Ash, It's an alarm clock because I know you're going to be late. Also, remember it needs batteries". He didn't response.

I waved good bye and walked out of the house where my dad was still taking to Ash's Mom. I walked home in the cold air.

I walked down I till I saw my house. I used my key them I open the door. Then I heard someone running after me.

"(Y/N), I forgot to give you your present" Ash yelled. I turned around and saw Ash running.

"Happy Birthday and this is from everyone and don't open it till tomorrow" Ash smiled. "Thank You, I'll wait" I giggled. He ran home and I went inside with a smile.

I closed the door with the happiest face ever that anyone could. I walked stright to my room and open the door and plooped on my bed. I put the gift on the floor. Then, I slowly closed my eyes and Finally went to sleep.

Time Skip --Next Day

I open my eyes hearing my alarm clock I wanted to hit snooze but their wasn't one. I hate you so much, I looked at the clock and it was 6:55 a.m. I got up and I open the present it was an outfit and a locket that says '(Y/N)' across it.

(A.N. Your outfits Ash's ,but for girls and the locket is to your mind. ^^)

I wanted to cry it was the best present i got in a long time. I slowly walked to a shower and took one. I went to the mirror and [Do with your hair as desire]. I put on my outfit and slip on my black sneakers and put on my necklace and I looked in the mirror. I ran downstairs and hugged my dad.

"Go professor Oak is probably waiting for you" He laughed. I nodded and ran out the door. I ran down the road in till I was at the lab. I took a deep breath and open the door.

"(Y/N), You made it and your really early" He chuckled. You laugh really tiredly. I have a special Pokemon for you, he took you to the back where you saw a Pokemon ball with a pink lighting bolt. "This, is Pika and she's a pikachu and she's you and I think you and her will have a real connection" he smiled.

I grabbed the ball and smiled "Come Out Pika" I said. I threw the ball and a small light appeared. A cute pikachu popped out and it ran on my shoulder.

"Hi Pika, I'm (Y/N) and your new trainer" I greeted. "Pika, Pika" She said happily. She looked more tried than me. "Professor Oak, did she get sleep" I asked. "No, She hasn't sleep in a week" He said petting her. "Well, I'm still tried can you wake me up when Ash gets here" I asked.

"(Y/N) here you need your pokedex. And you can sleep and I'll tell you the details later and Happy Birthday." I smiled. I nodded and sleep on the couch and pulled Pika close to my chess and closed my eyes.


I'm so late.... (Y/N) is going to kill me, I thought. I ran and saw Gary and group of girls. "Ash, Seriously why are you here" Gary said laughing. I grinned my teeth and acted like I didn't hear a thing. I walked in seeing professor Oak reading a book.

"I'm late and where's (Y/N), sorry I'm late" I said. "We talk about her later, Go pick your Pokemon" He chuckled.

Time Skip- after figuring out that every Pokemon is taken and the last one is Pikachu....... So let's continue.

I got up and walked to wake up (Y/N).


I slowly open my eyes seeing Ash. "Hey, (Y/N) time to go we have to start our adventure" Ash giggled. Then I noticed Pika was on my head sleeping. How in world did that happen.

"Pika, wake up... we have to go" I said. She fell off my head and yawn. "Pika Pika" Pika said jumping up and down. Ash looked at his Pokemon that was a pickachu to.

"Hi, I'm (Y/N), Nice to meet you" I greeted and I petted him. "Pika" He said.

"How comes he likes you your always so good with Pokemon" Ash complained. "Because I don't look like a burnt pice of toast" I laughed. Pika ran on my shoulder. "Come on Ash" I screamed.

"Wait, (Y/N) I never gave you your Pokemon balls" He yelled and gave me five Pokemon balls.

"Thanks" I smiled. We walked out seeing half of pallet town cheering for us.

Then our parents give us the biggest bag ever. We started to walk and said goodbye to pallet town.

"(Y/N) do you hear that" Ash asked. It was a buzzing noise. I turn to see........


















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