I'm Not One for Romance

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"I'm not one for romance but I am one for half-priced chocolates, so, here we are." He spoke in a raspy tone that stole my breath away.

His muscles flexed as he reached towards me and plucked the piece of chocolate that sat in a box on the nightstand beside me. The warmth of his breath brushed against my shoulder as he leaned down. Sweat glistened off his chest and shoulder blades reminding me of what we did last night.

Moisture pooled between my legs as I was reminded of his touch. The only thing hiding his manhood from me was a thin sheet that he precariously held between his fingers.

He leaned back up while popping the piece of chocolate in his mouth. A slight moan escaped his lips. His deep green eyes glossed over from the ecstasy of the moment.

"So delicious," he said with a full mouth.

I couldn't help but let the deep laugh escape my lips. This man, my best friend, was just in my bed. I don't know how it happened but we're here and even though everything has changed, nothing's changed.

"Where's mine?" I ask in a semi-sultry voice. My light brown eyes danced across his lower torso before rising slowly to meet his eyes. This action wasn't lost on him. The smirk that crossed his face told me he caught my wandering eye.

"Didn't I feed you enough last night?" His eyebrow raised in an accusatory tone but all that did was send electricity down to my core.

"I could go for something sweet," I said while slowly reaching into the box and picking up a piece of chocolate. My eyes never leaving his as I plucked it from the box and popped it into my mouth making a sucking sound for effect.

His eyes darkened as he watched the sheet fall from my chest exposing my breasts.

"What are you doing to me woman?" He asked exasperatedly as he allowed his sheet to fall to the ground. My eyes with a mind of their own moved down past his torso straight down towards the appendage that stood standing tall at the ready.

I was done for, I already loved him as my best friend. I had already seen him at his worst. He had already shown me all of himself. His struggle with drug addiction, his period of meaningless sex with random women, dropping out of college only to return five years later after receiving a little encouragement from his bestie.

Going to law school and becoming a lawyer. Working for 5-years and rising to the top in his profession. I was the CFO of my father's company. There was hardly ever a time for love. There was only time for meaningless sex because when I wanted to spend time with someone, John was the first person that I'd call.

He'd always bring my favorite chocolate and we'd enjoy them throughout the night as we watched movies and played games. Yet, this game was very different from any we'd ever played together in the past.

John pulls me from my thoughts as he pressed his hands on either side of my face.

"Beautiful" he whispers. He closes his eyes and leans in placing a gentle kiss on my lips.

"I can't believe you are here with me, like this. I can't believe that you're mine." He pauses for a moment searching my eyes with his own.

I look up at him and affection filled my chest. I can't help the tear that slides down my face. He wipes it away with his thumb and a small frown forms on his face.

"You are mine, right? Do you regret this?" There was a desperation in his voice.

"I'm yours and no, I have no regrets." I smile and place my pointer finger on my chin as though I'm second guessing my words. He draws his hands away from my face and stands there with his hands falling down his sides.

"Well...I do have one regret" I said slyly. His eyes open wide. I could see panic starting to form. He grits his teeth and asks between clenched teeth.

"Which is?"

I let out a loud laugh no longer able to contain my cool facade.

"Not fucking you first thing this morning. Get over here and feed me. I'm hungry, baby." I said with a growl as I leaned back on the bed. Resting my body against my arms that pressed against the mattress. I lifted my knees and pressed my feet against the mattress exposing myself to him.

It took him a moment to gain awareness of what I was doing but once he did his clenched teeth loosened and his eyes hooded over.

"You never change...baby. I'm going to feed you alright. By the time I'm done you ain't going to walk for a week!" He said as he pounced on me and settled himself between my legs.

"Challenge accepted," I said while smiling and arched my head so that I could kiss his lips. He opened his mouth so I could deepen the kiss and slowly pushed himself inside of me.

He hissed "Damn baby you feel so fucking good."

I couldn't help the moan the escaped my lips as he filled me completely. "Just like that, fuck me just like that baby."

"Say my name while I fuck you I want everyone to know who makes you feel this way. I want everyone to know who you belong to."

His words were so hot that I found myself growing hotter as his cock thrust itself inside of me hitting my spot and sending waves of pleasure through my body.

With an elevated voice, I screamed "Yes, John! That's the spot. Oh my god John, yes!"

His smile stretched out for days and his gaze bore into my own touching my soul. "I love you so fucking much."

He'd said this before but this time felt different. He's inside of me giving me my first orgasm of the morning. He's fucking the thoughts right out of my head yet all I could think about was how much I love this man.

"I love you too. More than I ever thought possible."

He places his forehead against mine and suddenly it doesn't feel like fucking anymore. He's grinding his pelvic bone and pushing himself even deeper. My body tightens as my orgasm spreads through me.

"I'm cumming" I scream.

"Come for me, baby. Come for me, beautiful." He's smiling, I see it clearly even though our foreheads are still touching. Even though he's still buried deep inside of me as the shockwave ripples through my body, tightening my core, and sends this beautiful man to his own release. He doesn't pull away from me.

"I don't want this to end." He confesses as he places a gentle kiss on my lips.

"I don't either," I said softly trying to catch my breath. A new tear falls from my eyes.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked trepidatiously.

"No, of course not, you could never hurt me."

He wipes my tears and searches my eyes.

"I've only ever seen you cry when you were angry or sad."

"I know... I guess I've just never been this happy before... Baby, I love you so much I'm going to let you have another piece of my chocolate." I wink at him and his smile grows.

He pulls out of me and leans over towards the side of the bed where the chocolates sit on the nightstand.

"I'm not one for romance but I am one for half-priced chocolates, so, here we are." And with that comment, we busted out laughing and joking together for hours.

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