Chapter 8: Whats Within

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A girl to edwards right said, "what do we do?" walking towards one sign. "I think we choose what catches our eye, like a different pile in a tarot reading." Edward said. Tilting her head back and shrugging slightly, she looked each path down. It was a rainbow, the first one red and last one purple. The red path's sign had a crab pincher grabbing a sun, the orange one had two hands breaking a clock hand in half, the yellow path had a person looking behind them, the green one had a hand wrapped in a necklace with a crystal at the end grabbing a shamrock, the blue one was a wave, the indigo one had a moon lined with a ouroburos, and the purple one was of a grapevine made of eyes. As much as edward loved the green one with the shamrock, the indigo path was callimg to him. He walked over to the path, running his hands around the equally blue flame of the torch as he entered the path. He saw other people go down different paths through the trees, some following him. A kid walked in front of edward, the same blonde boy he had talked to back in the lilac meadow. The muscular boy walked quickly, and was soon out of sight. It got dark again, light ground fog settling. About five minutes out it was nighttime again, a light drizzle setting in. Edward could see as he walked, a faint glow from the moon behind thin spots in the clouds. He kept walking. And walking. And walking. Every step he took sounded like a drum, a steady beat. With each step his head bobbed, vision glazing over. He had no idea how long he had been walking. And suddenly he realized that he was walking, that there was a forest around him. He had without noticing been staring at the ground in a trance, and looked up around him. There was nobody. He wasn't even on a trail, he was just walking through the rainforest. That trance had led him astray, edward thought to himself. It had stopped raining, and was now a very light mist. The clouds were parting in some areas, revealing a cluster of stars. The moon was more visible than ever, a very distinct blurry white orb behind the further dissipating clouds. He looked around him, trying to find an easily climbable tree. One to his right had branches like a ladder. He started to climb it, working his way to the top. Once he got to a good viewpoint, he saw a round mountain accompanied by a small valley. He decided to walk towards it. He climbed down, dropping 10 feet once close to the base of the tree. He started to run to northeast to the mountain. Stopping and panting he leaned on his knees, out of breath. He breathed for a while then started to run again. He had reached the edge of the forest, the mountain coming into view. The landscape changed from the normal towering hemlocks to a more southern look, enormous oak trees with equally gnarly burrells on every surface of the bark. Ahead he saw a small table with something on it, underneath a c shaped oak tree. As he walked closer, he realized it was a flagon and pint glass, both made of wood and brass. He jogged towards it and opened the top of the flagon. He smelled a very piney and fruity medium ale. He grabbex the pint glass forcefully and tipped the flagon over his cup, lightly pouring and stopping at the top. He put the flagon down and raised his glass to the sky consolingly and brought it to his lips. It was very strong but delicious. He found himself incapable to bring the glass down, beer trailing down his neck he drank it completely, slamming it on the table and panting. He looked at the flagon again and thought he shouldn't, not only was that pretty heavy but he should probably stay as sober as possible. He walked past the table, walking under the trees, some he had to clb over the branches that were splayed to the ground. He entered an opening of flowers edward had never seen before, white and resembling uteruses. He walked slower and slower to the middle of this patch, the moon getting brighter. He looked up towards the sky, the moon finally revealing its self. It was full and very large, and, and, beautiful. Edward smiled in its gaze, his heart racing, his muscles flexing and joints bending. Blood pumped into every part of him, his hand veins resembling the burrells on the trees. He was gaining power. He started to breath heavier, closing his eyes. His muscles were starting to flex harder and harder, spots on his body felt like they were bubbling, he was shaking, trembling violently. His face then felt like it was being pulled forward, falling to his knees, his ears and feet expanding. His tailbone started to throb, everything was burning. And everything went blank for a second, then he returned to his senses. He could hear his stomach digesting the beer, smell the body odor of a deer 70 feet away to his southwest. He looked up, panting, he suddenly broke into a run. He found a small lake, the water very still. He looked at his reflection, still the same long face, black hair and eyes that seemed to eat the light around him. But, wait.. He suddenly heard a fire steadily crackling, about 1 league due north. He ran, panting. He ran past the trees and mountain, the ground rushing underneath him. He slowed as he approached the camp. He sleeked through the bushes and foliage, slowly approaching the camp. He had a very clear view of a muscular teenager with blonde hair, looking into the fire with glazed eyes, as if he lost somebody or something. He abruptly looked up and right at edward. He hesitated, then grabbed for a bow and knocked and arrow, quickly shooting it. Edward dodged to his left and bit it out of the air, cracking it in half under the pressure of his teeth. He was filled with rage and leaped onto the boy, snarling. The boy whimpered, "no no no no..." Came out of his mouth quietly. Then his stomach rumbled extremely loudly. He looked at edward through scared eyes. Edward leapt off and started running towards the deer he had smelled earlier. He galloped at top speed towards it. He saw it, it got larger and larger in his vision, he leapt onto it before it could run and sunk his teeth into its neck. He ripped out a large chunk of its neck, it screamed into the night. He shoved his face into the neck and ripped out its trachea, killing it. He grabbed the antlers and drug it back towards the camp. He got there, the boy looked up with horrified eyes, closing his mouth and swallowing. Edward threw the carcass towards him. He looked at edward, then the deer carcass, looking confused. Edward walked up and tore a chunk of its side and placed it on the fire. Edward walked around the fire and sat opposite the boy, head on his hands. They sat there awkwardly, looking at eachother. The boy grabbed two sticks from the ground and grabbed the meat chunk from the fire. He bit into it slightly disgusted that the deer was right next to him. He looked visibly relieved when he chewed it. Edward walked to the deer and pulled another chunk from it, settling himself down and eating it raw. The boy had finished, throwing the fur aside. He glanced up at edward, then said, "Thank you." Edward replied with a wimper and closed his eyes. He was ready to sleep. He heard shuffling and an "okay..." Twas a good hunt, edward thought to himself.

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