~wait for it~

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Your POV:

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Your POV:

Silence was cast upon the room like the light that was shown through the windows. I could feel the pressure caving in all around me as I hesitated to answer.

Apparently my hesitation came as a big warning sign to Tyler, as he pulled away from hugging me giving me a broken helpless expression.

"say something y/n"

I stayed mute

"say anything"

I continue to keep silent.

"you should leave" he said sniffling and rubbing his nose with his sleeve turning his head away from me

I still didn't say anything.

and I didn't move an inch

"alright fine..... then I will"

he abruptly got off the couch and left his own home, as I just sat still as a statue, complete awestruck at his confession

when the hell am I doing?

"go after him you idiot."

I told myself  as I practically leapt off the couch and ran after him

"WAIT!" I called as he turned to me and I tackled him in a kiss.

both of us falling down into the grass while our lips moved in sync. I felt him smile against my mouth and then he pulled away kissing me all over my face making me giggle

"I love you too pizza boy, don't be scared"

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