hola, princessa pt. 3

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daddy pov

it was 2:00 am and i couldn't sleep for shit. my princess was sound asleep snuggles up against her stuffed animal. but me, i was wide awake.

i slowly got out of bed, trying not to wake princess. i walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. i grabbed a bag of chips and began feasting away.

"why are you up at this time of night?", my madre walks into the kitchen.
"uh...couldn't sleep"
"we need to talk", she sits at the kitchen table.

i hear footsteps coming down the stairs and hope that it's not princess's. thankful it's not. but it's my dad.

"really? right now?"
"yes, we need to talk about this new girl you've brought home", i roll my eyes and sit at the table still eating my chips.
"what about her?"
"you know what about her", my dad speaks.
"okay! so what she dresses younger and acts less mature, that doesn't mean she's not a great girl"
"we're not saying that. we just wanna know what is this? what type of phase are you going through? if i'm correct you always went for older girl, now you're dating a...", he stops himself.
"a what?", i bark getting pissed.
"a child. i mean if u want kids just have some but don't date someone who acts like one"

i actually lose my shit.

i stand up and run up the stairs, i grab princess and our stuff. i knew i shoulda never come back here.

"dada why you wake me? i teepy", she rubs her eyes and falls asleep in my arms as i walk to the car.
"because princess, people here don't accept you and i hate that shit"

i set her in the car and watch as she sleeps so peacefully.

god i love her.


ik this was super short. imma make longer ones soon. leave a comment/suggestion for the next few chapters.❤️

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