The Ex

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After the panic attack scare,I was convinced David is basically a robot that says stupid jokes than actually facing his problems. Now after I had time to think about it, maybe that's his way of coping.

So I set out to find someone who probably knows David more than I do and someone who I've been wanting to meet for awhile. Jason told me she's been dying to meet me too.

Actually she had contacted me through Snapchat, and when I had missed her message she tried Instagram. Luckily, I got a hold of her and she's just as hilarious and kind as she is on her videos.

Liza's YouTube comments and David's comments had been blasting us both to oblivion and trying to turn two strangers against each other but for what?

I was surprised at her kindness and her want to get in touch with me. A part of me wanted to be rude to her and tell David about her contacting me but I decided against it immediately. She poured her heart out about the comments about me and her.

The comments were hurtful but I've learned better than to let a random person influence my mood like putty. Liza also admitted that the comments got to her as well.

Comments like:

"I liked Liza better."


"He looks happier with Y/N."

Stupid shit like that,that was not only causing tension but unnecessary drama that simply didn't exist. It was all fake,so what was the problem.

She invited me out to a coffee place,not the one where David discovered my hoodie and my identity but a much smaller isolated one. I guess she knew the struggles of trying to enjoy coffee without interruption.

"Hey!",she said shaking the piece of fabric on my head. I chuckled as moved the fabric that I used to cover my face like an old woman in winter time.

"Hey there. It's so nice to finally meet you,"I stood up to hug the small woman who swayed me side to side in her hug.

"Ooh let's sit cause I got a little dizzy,"she said pulling up a chair. We sat comfortably. I felt very excited rather than the nervousness of meeting someone new. Especially my "husbands" ex.

As soon as we sat, our mouths did not close. It was topic after topic after topic. I swear if the guy didn't deliver our coffee we might've talked our heads off.

Finally, we got to the topic at hand.

"We both wants what's best for David,you know? There's no reason for people to be putting us together like that for the sake of drama,"Liza rolled her eyes as she preached for her life. She ripped her sugar for her coffee as I hummed in agreement. I worried that she'd get even more hyper than she already was and get a sugar high from even the smallest ounce of the white powder.

"Agreed. I should totally confront that on my Instagram but I'm just afraid that it'll just turn on itself. Like I won't say something that needs to be said or I go into something too intensely and they read into it,"I sighed as I mixed the coffee together.

"Amen!",she groaned as she tossed her head back. I laughed as she got some looks causing me to avoid eye contact with them.

"Maybe we should do a video so we can show everyone that there's no bad blood. Hate to ask that of you but it's just an idea,"Liza said blowing on her hot drink.

"That could happen definitely. Whatever it takes for this to be off our backs,you know?"

A comfortable silence surrounded the coffee place and the sounds of people chatting and drinking their drinks were heard. We looked at the window in unison and laughed at a stranger walking a cat unusually.

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