Chapter 12

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Chapter 12:

The car jerked forward sending us flying backwards, our backs hitting the seat with a thud. Zayn was tossed to the other side of the car creating space in between us. Thank god.

He was totally about to kiss me.


What was worse was: I wanted him to kiss me.

Why do things have to be sooo difficult!!!

Thoughts clouded my head as the ride continued on. It was almost over though. I couldn't help but glance iced at zayn who was staring at me with a straight blank face. I wonder what he's thinking. Probably about our almost kiss. Which I was too anyway.

His hot breath fanning over my lips. His vanilla scent consuming me. And his eyes staring intensely into mine.

I wanted to kiss him so bad.

But I couldn't.

The car came to a abrupt stop, making me come back to reality. Zayn was out of the car so fast and turned back to offer me his hand to help.

I thankfully took it slipping my hand into his avoiding his eyes. His hand was so warm and engulfed mine making mine fit perfectly into his. And I mean perfect. My hand tingled in his touch sending shocks through my body and making my stomach do flips. He is so freakin hot!!!

U can't like him. I kept telling myself.

I don't like him.

I don't like him.

I closed my eyes and took my hand out f his staring at the ground, avoiding his gaze.

Thankfully Louis ran up at that moment and jumping on zayns back surprising him and screaming in his ear "zayn!!! I thought I was gonna die!! It was so dark! I thought I would never see you again"

"get off of me Lou, your heavy" zayn said slightly annoyed.

"are you implying that I'm fat Malik!??" Lou hopped off of him to look him in the eye.

"yeah he is" I spoke up " he was going on and on about how he thought you should lay off the carrots"

"what!???" Lou screamed.

"no!! I never said that!" zayn yelled wide eyed in shock.

"yeah he did, when the ride stopped thats all he talked about!" I said smirking, clearly enjoying myself.

"no Lou!! She's lying!" zayn exclaimed.

Louis just turned away from him and walked back towards me. He slung his arm around me saying "come on court, at least you're nice to me."

I smiled to myself trying not to laugh.

We walked out into the air catching up with the others.


I turned around at the sound of my name and the next thing I knew zayn was right next to me whispering in my ear "I will get you back for that, remember you're spending the night with me to night."

And he walked off.

He just totally walked away from us.

*5 fun filled hours later*

We all were back in the bus.

The time at universal was amazing and Liam and Niall sat next to me on every rollercoasters making me feel safe. They were so sweet.

We were all watching as Liam was kicking Louis' but at super smash brothers brawl.

"ha!!! I win again! In yo face sucka!" Liam yelled at Lou while Louis pouted. Awwwwww.

"hey can I try?" I asked Liam.

"sure but I'm not going easy on you, just letting you know." Liam replied. Wow, daddy direction was clearly gone.

I just smirked "bring it on" I said.

"Courtney, you're not gonna win. Liam is unbeatable." Niall said obviously knowing Liam always wins.

Wow thanks for the support.

"yeah court I have never lost" Liam said.

"well we will we about that" I replied walking over taking Lou's remote as he still pouted. Aww he is so adorable.

I bent down next to him and whispered "don't worry I will beat him for ya." he just stated back up at me, doubt clear in his eyes.

Dang have some faith people.

"ready to lose?" Liam asked matter-of-factly.

"are you?" I asked back taking a seat next to him and we started to play.

5 minutes later....

"no way" Liam mumbled.

I had beaten him all 7 times we had played.

Little did they know I had a brother and we played this game all the time. So not to be cocky or anything but I was pretty good.

All the boys and Kate were all jumping around happy that I beat the unbeatable.

The next thing I knew, 2 strong arms engulfed me from being and hot breath hit my ear as vanilla filled my nose.

"nice job sweetheart, you seem better and better every minute that goes by." zayn whispered huskily in my ear.

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