My Eyes 2 - Epilogue

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Eliza had trouble to breathe, lying down. Her entire body was hot and sweating as she panted.

"Bianca... I can't... take it... anymore... Please..."

The redhead leaned closer to her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the girl. "I know you can take this... Actually, I've seen you taking way more... c'mon... for me..."

Despite whispering in that sweet and alluring voice Eliza loved, it wasn't enough to make the girl regain her strength.

"Just one more and I'll do that thing you like with the ice."

When Eliza heard those words, she opened her eyes. Slowly she looked up at her girlfriend. "Are you serious? You're not just teasing me, are you?" she asked suspiciously. Bianca had used the same trick once.

"One more lap and you'll find out," the redhead whispered, her smile too sly and enticing.

Eliza pressed her lips. She barely had any energy to sit on the bench, let alone run around the park again. But with Bianca's words, she tried her best. Can't believe I'm easily manipulated by that thing. I bet she doesn't do it so much just to bribe me...

To the girl's own surprise, her girlfriend's offer worked.

Little by little, she managed to walk, despite her muscles throbbing in protest. Bianca was jogging slowly next to her. When Eliza began to run, though barely, the redhead picked up her pace.

"C'mon, honey. Just one more lap around the park," Bianca said with a genuine smile as she ran a few paces ahead.

Using all that was left of her strength, Eliza chased her girlfriend. Before she noticed, they were once again at the bench near the entrance of the park, which they were using as a starting point.

The moment Eliza saw the hard surface, she didn't think twice before collapsing on it.

"This is it... I'm dying... I love you, Bianca... I wish we had more time together..."

The redhead laughed. "Amazing you can be so dramatic when you say you can't move anymore."

"I'm not being dramatic. And how can you laugh when I'm here dying? I knew you were a sadistic girl, but not to this point. My first and only girlfriend enjoys seeing me dying..."

"If you have enough energy to speak nonsense, you're fine." Bianca lifted Eliza's head, sat on the bench and used her lap as a pillow for her girlfriend.

"I know I haven't decided if I'm gonna join the police yet. But if it's anything like this, there's no way I'm gonna pass the physical exam... I'm not just cut out for this... I might as well be a consultant like Angelica." As Eliza complained, Bianca pressed her lips and averted her eyes. The girl had a bad feeling when she saw that. "What?"

The redhead tried to suppress her smile as best she could. It was still too annoying to Eliza.

"We passed the police's minimum five laps ago," she said, holding back a laugh.

Eliza had trouble understanding those words. Then she took a deep breath as the anger grew inside her. But the next moment, she gave up; she was too tired to scream.

"This is good. Now I have concrete proof. I'm in love with a sadistic hot redhead who enjoys making a weak little girl like me in pain," she said in a peaceful voice, almost as if she had an epiphany.

"You think I'm hot?" Bianca asked, her cheeks pink pressing her lips to hide her smile.

Eliza flushed and pushed her girlfriend's face away. "Shut up... you always focus on that part and ignore the rest of what I say..."

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