Chapter 14

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Hey guys. I know. Fierzza got his ability taken away, but.. It doesn't mean he's gonna be a cripple forever. Besides, he's got John, Sera, and some other people on his side! Jeez, you know that after Fierzza lost his ability, John will be going all out!

Fierzza's POV

I'm worthless in this battle..

I don't have a ability anymore..

I can't help anyone.. Yet.. people are still here fighting for me.

The best I could do for them, without a ability, is fight back..


I'm still here.

I gone through everything just to be standing here.

Watching people fight for me.

To destroy Ember.

I don't know what Ember did to me.. But I'm going to find out.

Or my name isn't Fierzza. (:ppppp of course your name is Fierzza! Duh!)


Bronix's POV

Why am I even here?

My life's worthless anyways..

But Fierzza helped me.

That should mean something.

Especially if he was a ability-user.

Oh what the fuck am I saying?

I just wish that I was strong as Fierzza.. That's all.

Maybe I could be important in some way.. I'll ask Fierzza if he can help me.

But.. The most thing I wish for..

Is to have a ability.

John's POV

I punched the guy next to me in the face and elbowed the person behind me and turned around with a mad glint in my eyes.

Nobody that is helping Ember is leaving alive today.

I dodged a knife that was thrown at me and charged towards the person and kneed him in the face and punched him in his torso. I looked at him and saw him bleeding blood and kept on punching him and kicking him.

Like I said.

Ember will fall.

I pick up a knife and threw it towards a girl fighting Isen.

I heard a scream and looked back to the girl and Isen. Her face was in pure shock and horror as she looks down at her stomach. Seeping out of it was blood and her face began to turn pale. I looked away and found my next target.

I saw a man with metal all over him coming towards me, or should I say, running towards me with metal bars and I ran straight towards him with confidence. Who the hell thinks they can beat me?

I jumped on top of the man and and punched the metal armor with all my strength.


I wince at the pain and looked at my hand. It was bleeding and had cuts and I felt a lot of pain. I have to do this. I have to win.

I punched the metal armor again and yelled. My blood was now covering as much of my hand as you can think of. And there are more cuts on my hand but then I looked at the metal suit and saw a hole.


"Oh you actually want to fight?" The man in the metal suit says and I immediately punch the metal covering him again and again, not caring if I got hurt or not.

"Yeah I want to fight! Ember's going down!" I say loudly and punched the metal again and finally decided to use my ability.

I jump off of him and activated my ability and copied his. Metallic Suit.

I look at myself and see a dark suit that looks exactly like the man's suit. I charged towards the man and punched the man instantly knocking him out and stepping on him.

I look around and see only the gang standing and everyone that's with Ember down on the ground.

I motioned for everyone to go inside of the building and went inside prepared for anything that could happen.


I saw darkness and then looked around, everyone was laying down and bleeding. I then looked at myself and saw cuts, bruises, and blood on my body and winced at the pain.

What the hell-

Then I remembered.. A explosion. The building. Everyone going in.

I looked around again and pushed myself up and saw the rest getting up aswell and hoped that they were okay. Nice trick Ember..

Everyone was slowly coming to their senses and quickly decided to run. Anywhere. As far as they could for right now.

Secret Person POV

"Boss, you're in for a big one. Get ready. Unit 475788 was crippled but the rest aren't."

"Alright, keep watch on them."

"Yes boss." I say shutting the device down and throwing it in the trash.


Alright, that's Chapter 14.

Want some questions to try and answer? (Of course you do!)

Who do you think the "Secret Person" is?

Do you think Bronix will have a role in this?

Who is Unit 475788?

Yeah.. If you can guess any one of these.. I'll uh.. Add any character that you made in here.

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