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Saturday night,

Somewhere in world where everyone is busy in there own world we can see A beautiful girl was singing for an old lady only to make her smile.
Her face was not shown because of darkness of night but her voice was so soothing that it can heal any wound.
Finally the song ended and that lady came in front of that girl and hug her tight and said...

Lady: (crying) Nandu I'm gonna miss you a lot will I manage to survive without you.

["Yes guy's that girl is none other than our fav Nandini kapoor"]

Nandini: Oohoo JAan...don't cry naa...I'll come as soon as possible.😘

Lady: are going for 1 year...i know are also leaving me just like your mom...😢

[Yes guys that lady is Nandini's maternal grandmother who lives in London. In London Nandini and Navya lives with Nandini's maternal family.]

Nandini: Little emotional but still hide her emotions and try to convince her Nani(maternal grandmother).
Nooooooooo Nani...😊 you know nahh bhai is getting engaged with Anika bhabhi Sunday evening and than after 1 month his wedding date got fixed and I promised him that I'll come and also I'll did my last year collage from India. So I can't hurt him naa... Plzz try to understand Nani!

Nani: (annoyingly) but you know your father ryt? He doesn't even look at you... How will you manage to survive will hurt yourself for sure...

Nandini: (calmly said) I know that Nani but it's okay he is my dad. I know he doesn't like me but still I will wait for him...may be one day he can accept me as his daughter... And I'll try my best that I won't hurt him...I'll try to not to come in front of him... But please Nani for bhai's happiness allow me to go there, Plzz!

Nani: (half heartedly said) can go but promise me if anything happens there you will come over here and stay with me...okay?

Nandini: (with lots of happiness in her voice said) of course...i promise and I love you Nani...ohh sry I love you jaan! ❤

Nani: (with teary eyes) I love you more Bachaa...come soon...I'll miss you... (kissed her forehead).

Nandini: Umm.. Nani...can I ask something?

Nani nodded her head while smilingly.

Nandini: You love bhai ryt? (Hesitantly asked)

Nani: yes, of course! Why are you asking this to me?

Nandini: (awkwardly) If you love bhai than Why don't you come with me for his wedding...he will be very happy if you came and join us.

Nani: No Nandu...i can't.. I can't face your can forgive him but I can't...and your step-mother...that greedy women...i can't even look at her...she's a bitch. I hate her and your father too...coz he never ever loved you... He thought you are a curse for him...i mean how could he. I hate him Nandu...I'll not blessings are always with you guys...forever...

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