Kingslayer-Jaime Lannister x Reader

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Requested by: @QueenofAsgard04

This is a two-part story. Part two will come out sometime this week.


Another prisoner was being dragged into the dungeons. The chains clattered just as mine had...I don't even know how many years ago. 17? I lost count at 14. There was barely any light so I couldn't see anything passed the torch above my head. Voices from the room over were bickering. The prisoner probably had a bad mouth with the guard. The door then shut and the guard walked to my door.

"You're off duty. The Queen wants me here for today." The new guy looks into my cell and the eye contact was all I needed to recognize him. Jamie Lannister. The man who killed the Mad King. My father.

The first guard left and the Kingslayer took his place.

"Aw. I was starting to like that one." I say, which he ignores, so I continue. "Why do I get the honor of Jaime Lannister guarding my cell because of direct orders from the Queen?" I try to be nonchalant in my question but my heart wouldn't stop beating fast. If they knew about me, I would be dead, though. I am only alive thanks to Varys giving me items to change my hair color. "No answer? I didn't think you'd be the type."

"Type?" He turns his head slightly to face me.

"Type to not talk to a prisoner." I shrug.

He chuckles a bit so I continue. "You never answered the question."

His smile fades and stares forward again. "My rounds don't concern you." His voice became as cold as the stones I lean on.

"Well, you are standing in front of my cell door, so why not talk to me?" I mess with my long hair. Varys hasn't visited in a long time and I need more dye before my roots become noticeable. "How is King Joffrey doing?" I ask, trying not to laugh.

He halfway turns around to me "you haven't heard?" The expression was pure confusion and maybe some sadness in his eyes.

"Haven't heard what?" I start to get concerned. I personally hate Joffrey but his expression threw me off.

"The King was poisoned."

"What? By who?" A wave of relief floats my senses. When I get out, I don't have to worry about that brat anymore.

"The Queen says Tyrion Lannister did." More sadness, this time in his voice as well as his eyes.

"I didn't kill Joffrey!" A voice in the cell next to me yells. I guess I'm now jail neighbors with the youngest Lannister.

"My apologies, then," I mutter.

"Thank you...?"

"Y/N." I stare at him.

"Do you have a last name?" He turns back forward then.

I think for a second. I can't say Targaryen. "Waters."

He nods.

"So, Tommen's next, then?" I try to hide my disgust.

"Yes, his coronation is tomorrow followed by the trial."

I nod, "Never answered me, though." I can hear him laugh outside as I lay down to get sleep.


The next few days, Jaime continues to come to Tyrion's jail cell. Afterward, he will talk to the guard posted outside my door and will talk to me some, then leave. This time it seemed different.

I hear yelling next door from the brothers and I lean my ear to the wall, trying to listen. Nothing. I curse under my breath and sit back down. After about five minutes, Jaime leaves the cell and I hop up to the door. He meets me there and the guard gets tense in the presence of the Queen's brother. Unlike him, I feel myself relax when he started talking.

"Good morning, Y/N." He nods to me, his face more empty than usual.

"Good morning. Do you want to actually come in to talk to me today?" I smirk at him and he lets a small smile pass.

He signals for my usual guard to open the door and he walks in and shuts it behind him. "You can leave. I'm not in danger from her." He commands the guard.

A few moments of silence after the guard leaves, I start. "What makes you think I wouldn't kill you?" I chuckle.

"If you were, you would've done it as soon as he was out of sight."

I smile and nod. "True." I pause to figure out how to put this. "I heard yelling. Is everything okay?"

His face drops to a grim look, "Just his trial."

"Want to tell me about it? I can't exactly go and watch." I let out a breathy laugh to try and lighten the mood. He slightly smiles.

"He asked for a trial by combat after I got him a deal that would let him live."

"Well, isn't there a chance that he can still live but be able to do anything he wanted? I mean if his champion wins, he'll be fine." I place my hand on his to try and comfort him.

His head slowly raises to look at me. He doesn't speak and just stares into my eyes. I smile and he seems to break out of the trance. He moves his hand. "I've got to go. I need to figure out who Cersei's champion will be."

I feel a twinge of pain in my chest. "Of course! Go!" I smile at him and he smiles back and stands for a few moments before leaving.


Another night of laying down thinking back on my family turned into an escape plan. Jaime tells the guards that the Queen requires them for a task and that he will watch us.

He then unlocked the door for Tyrion to send him to the docks. I watch as they hug and say their goodbyes. Once he's off, Jaime turns to my door. He messes with keys and begins to unlock mine.

"What are you doing?" I ask in a panic. The door slides open and he extends his hand to me.

"Varys and I made an agreement. If I help you break out, he will help Tyrion live." Of course, Varys was behind this. I take his hand and he walks me down the hall. A clank of armor sounds from around the corner and Jaime holds me to him so they don't see us. I feel heat come to my cheeks.

We make it to the exit where we have to go our separate ways. "Thank you!" I say and he smiles, looking down at me. I feel the urge to hug him like Tyrion had so I wrap my arms around his neck. He huffs and slowly wraps his arms around my waist. We squeeze and finally let go.

"Anytime, Y/N." He smiles. "I hope to see you again under better circumstances."

"As do I. Goodbye, Jaime." I jump to the tips of my toes and kiss his cheek. He blushes as I walk out to the docks. I turn back and wave as he does the same.

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