34 | Dante Albidone (2)

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So I came up with this...
just thought what you was a cystic fibrosis patient and you met and he stuck by you whilst you were having your operations
Warnings: Sad at parts and maybe triggering? Idk
I actually kinda cried writing this. Place 'Why' by Bazzi at the same time as reading this. It's sad.
Scroll to the bottom for an a/n

Cystic Fibrosis. A condition which leads to the blockage of internal intestines and the endless struggle to breath. For You, every living breathing moment was a blessing for you.

Walking around the hospital showed to you how isolated you were, being stuck in a form of prison, having the risk to pass on her bacteria to others, and you didn't wanna hurt anyone else.

It was a regular day in the hospital for you, until you met him. At the front desk.

Pulling your mask over your mouth, you tried to avoid the boy as much as possible. "Y/n!" Your head snapped up to see your nurse calling you over.

The boy smiled at you. "Y/n, this is Dante"

You pulled down your mask slightly. "Hi" he went to shake your hand, but you stood embarrassed. "Sorry, I just..."

"I understand. It's fine" You smiled slightly as he pulled his hand back.

Your nurse looked at the two of you, before coughing awkwardly. "Well, I'm gonna go. You two, get to know each other" she placed a hand on your shoulder. "Don't forget to take your meds" you nodded.

She sped off, leaving you and Dante on your own. "Soo...." he chuckled

"Um, do you wanna go sit down? We're kinda in the middle of all of this" you laughed, nodding.

The two of you sat in the cafeteria. "So why are you here? Do you have a condition?" Dante looked at you, before glancing down

"No. It's not that. Just, my cousin works here. I don't have a condition"

You leaned forward, intrigued. "What's it like?"


"Well, being able to do normal teenage things. Like, go out, not have to take meds every single day and night and risking the chance of dying at any moment? Sorry, that took a turn I just- I wanna know what it's like, you know? To be normal" he sent you an apologetic smile

Stirring his coffee round, he looked back at you. "Well, it's stressful, but fun. What condition do you have, exactly?"

You sighed, leaning back in your chair. "If you don't wanna talk about it it's fine-"

"It's fine. I have cystic fibrosis. It's basically a lung condition which makes it hard to breath" you lifted up your shirt slightly, showing him one of the tubes connected to your stomach

"That's to help me breath. And this" you reached into your bag, grabbing another tube and wrapping around your head.

Dante looked at you. "So can you touch people? Just because I went to shake your hand earlier"

You chuckled. "I can, but I'm just shy. I don't wanna hurt anyone or pass on the disease. Even if it's internal, it's a fear of mine"

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