A Cup Of Coffee-Johnny(1)

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"Come on, Johnny it's this way!" Mark called as he pulled me towards a small shop. He had convinced me to visit a small and quaint shop that you could lounge around in and possibly order a drink or pastry.

"I'm basically a regular now that I come here so often, everyone is so nice and welcoming," he stops in front of the door and opens it for me. I walk inside and immediately my nose catches the scents of sugar and coffee. It smelt like someone was making billions of pieces of cake.

Not many people, but about seven or eight people sat inside the lounge area. Some of them on computers typing away and sipping on drinks that sat on tables nearby them.

"Mark! Welcome back! I see you've brought a  friend?" A boy from behind the counter greets Mark. Two girls and two boys stood behind the counter.

"Hey Xiumin, this is my friend, Johnny." Mark points towards me and I wave towards the guy behind the counter.

"Hi Johnny, I'm Xiumin and welcome to Bottomless Cup Café," he flashes a smile and reaches out to shake my hand which I gladly accept. "Johnny, do you normally go to coffee shops? You look a little tense," Xiumin asks me.

"Oh, no not really. When I do I'm usually in and out," I tell him and he nods. "Well then what can I get you?" He smiles again.

"Uh, can I get an Iced Coffee?" I take a small look at the menu that's placed on the wall. Xiumin nods and turns to Mark.

"The usual?" Xiumin asks and Mark nods. "I don't need to ask anymore, huh?"

He proceeds with going to the others and telling them about our orders. When he talks to one of the girls, I catch myself staring at her for too long and she ends up catching me staring at her. I quickly avert my eyes from hers and look towards the floor with my face a little bit red.

She had (H/L) hair with a black cap covering it all, the coffee shops logo embroidered onto the front. Her name was sewed into the black apron she was wearing but she was so far away, I could make out the letters.

I take a quick peek at her and see her smiling towards me, almost like she's giggling a bit. I smile towards her too feeling my cheeks warming up.

Mark and I sit in two bean bags, one blue and one red. "So how do you think about this place so far?" He asks me and he did a small gesture with his hands. I nod a bit, my eyes catching the girl from earlier.

"I like it, it's very quiet and great place to get work done or to just hang out." I said and Mark smiled at my response.

"I'm glad you like it, you should come here with me more often, I usually stay until they close then I just help them clean up and we talk afterwards," he said.

"Hey Mark, who is that girl with the (H/L)?" I point to the girl behind the counter. She had looked up and was speaking to the other guy.

"Hm? Oh, that's (Y/N), she's really nice and..." he leans over and whispers in my ear. "she's single," I look at him with a red face and he begins to giggle. "I saw you staring at her so I just took a guess, you can talk to her whenever they close in few hours."

"Hmm, (Y/N)..pretty." I whisper to myself.

"Closing time!" Another girl from behind the corner squealed as she took off her apron and hung it onto a hook.

I look over to Mark to see that he's smirking at me. "Come on, let's help," he smiles widely. "I know how much you want to talk to the magnificent (Y/N)," he nudged my shoulder and I could feel my face heating up at the mention of her know.

"Oh hush, I don't know anything about her besides her name," I turn to see that she was cleaning a table while talking to the other girl.

As I was staring off, Mark had already walked away from me to go find something to help with. Out the corner of my eye I see at guy with brown hair and blonde highlights.

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