Heading West (Closed)

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With the Homestead Act signed into law and the end of the Civil War, thousands of citizens and immigrants alike are heading west for a chance at land and a new life!

In 500 words or less, write a journal entry documenting part of the journey for one of these hopeful settlers.

Please make sure to follow Wattpad's Content Guidelines, set your story between 1865 and 1910, and make sure it's appropriate for all audiences. We want to be able to share the winning stories with as many fellow Watt-folk as possible!

We'll be accepting entries until May 10th, and will feature the winning stories in an anthology on the profile!

You may create your entry as a new book or as a chapter in an existing collection, then submit your entry by filling out the form below. (You'll need the link to your entry handy!) Also, please feel free to comment your entry link down below for everyone to enjoy!

Good luck and happy trails, Pardner!

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***The Results!***

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***The Results!***

We'd like to give an enormous thank you and congratulations to the three fantastic writers who submitted entries to our very first contest—Di_Rossi, BeaCurious, and jlizzy!

All three crafted short, harrowing tales of brave women facing their own unique trials in the American frontier. We enjoyed them so much that we'll be inviting all three to have their entries kick off a brand new anthology here on the WattpadWesterns profile that's soon to come!

As for our winner, it was a mighty tough call, but one edged out the other two as our favorite! So, an extra whoop and holler goes out to "The Journal" by BeaCurious!

Thanks again to our wonderful participants!

Did you have a favorite out of the three pieces submitted? If you did, leave a comment and let us know which was your favorite, and what you liked most about it!

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