Chapter 2

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"Kizzy if you don't hurry up they gonna leave without us!" I yelled to Kizzy

We were all going out.... When I say all I mean all, Shea set up a baby sitter at her house for the kids, Dane left a little while go to drop Trenten off. We are going to one of Treys clubs and I'm excited, even well on tour I didn't have time to club because all my spare time was spent with my baby Trenten. I put on an army green jumper, my Cheetah print wedges and gold hoops. I put my hair in a doughnut bun, applied some nude lipstick and grabbed my phone putting it in my red clutch.

"Well Damn Mommy who?" Kizzy said coming out of the bathroom

Kizzy wore a pair of white high waisted shorts and a light pink crop top , along with sandals, she let her hair fall straight down her back and went with simple make up too.

"when JoJo see's you girl!" I said shaking my head

"Me... girl im not the one with cobwebs in my coochie, you better just handle your business with your man !" she said laughing

"Shut up... might just so yall can stop talkin bout it" I said kissing my teeth

"Yall ready?" Dane yelled out for us

"Comin baby"  I said "come on Kizzy before my man changes his mind and goes back to get Trenten" I said seriously

"girl I don't know what your ass is sayin im ready to go!" Kizzy said hurrying out the door before I threw something at her big ass head                   

"Hey, Dane... sorry, your girl really takes her time" Kizzy said

"Bitch I know you aint doin that" I said as I walked down the step

"Ready?" Dane asked shaking his head

"Yup" Kizzy said walking out the door

Just as I was about to walk out of the house so Dane could lock up, he pulled my waist towards him

"You look sexy baby" he whispered in my ear sending chills down my back

"Thank you" I said smiling at him

He leaned down kissing my lips softly before slapping ass causing me to yelp... smh!

"Don't be doin that Dane" I whined walking out causing him to laugh

Once we got to the club we walked in, I knew the security guard at the front so I gave him a huge and asked how the kids were before moving to the VIP section where everyone was .

"hey" I said hugging everyone before taking a seat on Danes lap

We ordered some drinks, the club was popping.... it was almost like everybody was here.... Trey really did his thing

"We gonna go dance" Kizzy whispered in my ear before getting up with JoJo

I nodded my head and finished my drink

"You wanna dance?" Dane asked whispering in my ear

I nodded my head and we got up making our way to the dance floor. I had a bomb ass time dancing with my man.... I always do, when we were on tour we danced all the time and are chemistry is insane ... that's how I know are dancing looks good because are energy... the way he touches me... the chill..... mmm... damn, it's like everything in me melts into him and I forget what's happening around me. After a few songs we made our way back to the VIP section. JoJo and Kizzy were already back from dancing

"Yall im tired! Like im on mommy time" I said shaking my head

"No Kidding" Shea  said rolling her eyes "Those two kids of mine run me all over!" she said making me laugh

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