10 - Krakow, Poland

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Episode 4 is hours away, so have a new chapter to keep you busy until then. Sorry it's slightly shorter, I've been busy working.
I hope you enjoyed this mini writing spree that I did the last few days.

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Germany was now well behind the group, as the four now wanted to conquer Poland. Another underrated country, it attracts tourists for a cheap get away. Rather than going for the capital city, it was decided to go to Kraków.

It's an old city with plenty of buildings that hold many tourist attractions. But, another thing about the city is there is lots of road rage. Four lane roads weren't uncommon leading in and out of the city. The airport was only a few miles away from the city, which meant it was a prime place for drivers and tourists.

Marlon was driving, yet again. He was slightly agitated about the reckless driving and lack of indicating going on. Louis was in the front passenger seat, holding a map spread across the dashboard. He had no idea where their current location was, or either where they were headed to. So, that only added to Marlon's frustrating experience.
Clem and Violet were having the time of their lives in the back seat, gossiping and eating. Just like the good old time. The pair were not bothered in the slightest about the traffic or lack of movement in the vehicle.

"Ya know, eating junk food is so satisfying compared to being healthy." Clem mutters, stuffing popcorn into her mouth afterwards.

Violet hummed in agreement. "Oh, totally agree." She replied.

Wanting to focus on something other than his frustration, Marlon joined in. "Maybe finding a decent diet or exercise you enjoy can make it more enjoyable."

Clem sighed, "Whatever mullet. There is only one exercise I do, but I'll let your imagination think of it."

At that, Louis sighed too - listening into the conversation. "How about instead of talking about that we figure out where to go now?" He spat, looking rather flustered.

"Agreed." Violet and Marlon spoke, in unison.

And with that, everyone in the car was on a mission to figure out where they were and how to get to their destination.


An hour and half later...

The car was still on the road, which had not moved much along the road. To say Marlon was angry would be an understatement. It was a frustrating situation because every car was weaving in and out of lanes, which caused more issues for other drivers.

Clem and Violet were getting bored now. Louis was also well into the pit of boredom, starting to play around with the random items he could get his hand on.

"Let's play a game." The dread head announced, while grabbing his deck of cards.

Violet claps, overly optimistic than normal, "Finally, I agree with one of your ideas." The blonde girl said.

Sitting forward, Clem asked intrigued "What game are we playing?"

Marlon stayed silent, but looking involved so his friend gave him a stack of card.

"Truth or truth. Highest card asks, lowest card answers" Louis responded to everyone wanting to play.

On the first round, Violet got the lowest card while Marlon got the highest.

"Hmm, let's see. What's something you never told anyone because you are scared they would judge you?" Marlon asked, using his question for a more serious topic.

Violet thought to herself. "Even though I like girls, sometimes I find certain boys attractive." She confessed.
Clem and Louis side eyes each other, wondering if she was having a boy crush.

Louis shrugged, "I understand that. There's no point labelling yourself or needing to label yourself." Marlon nodded silently in agreement.

In the next round, Louis got the highest and Clem got the lowest. It would be an interesting round to say the least.
He asked his question with a smirk, knowing it would put her in an awkward position. "What do you look for in a guy? If you had to pick."

Swallowing thickly, Clem thought to herself. What did she look for in a guy?

"I guess I don't look for anything in particular." Was her smart reply.

Violet rolled her eyes, bored from the lack of direct answer. "That's not a proper answer."

Heaving in a breathe, Clem responded "Finally. I would say, sense of humour."
Once Louis got the answer he wanted, he grinned even wider.

One the final round, Clem had yet again got the lowest card. This time, Marlon got the highest.
"Where is somewhere that you have always wanted to go in the world?" The blonde asked.

"Easy. I wanna go to Iceland for the Blue Lagoon lake and the Northern Lights." The brunette girl responded, without missing a beat.

"Sounds like a nice place to go but it's cold. I will stick to the warm countries." Violet said, adding her two cents in the talk.

Louis agreed with his girlfriend, "I think it would be an adventure. Not an adventure in the summer, more like a adventure in the winter." He laughed at his own stupid pun.

"And I think that's a good place to call it." Marlon declared, rolling the car forward after the traffic started to lighten up.

Not long after that, the group were finally well on their way into the old quarters of the city.

Authors note
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I have recently visited Kraków and it's a nice city. Very cold in November though!
I also want to go to Iceland next, which is why I wanted to mention it to.

Only a few hours left, until episode four of TFS is released. I'm so nervous, but also excited, to see what happens. I want Clouis to last forever. Clem deserves a happy ending.
See you on the other side, guys!

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