Chapter twenty

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Harry and Draco made their way to lunch, sitting down at Slytherin table. Harry nodded to Quirrel and Snape, before turning to his lunch, where he and Draco had salad and a sandwich, matched with pumpkin juice. The small chatter at the tables was overtaken by that of Gryffindor, but they were quickly ignored by Harry. 

Harry, while excited for potions, was unsure how it would go with Gryffindors. 

Still, he and Draco, and their other dorm mates ate lunch peacefully, laughing and making fun of Gryffindors and Mudbloods. 

Soon the food popped off the tables and all the Slytherins made their way back to the dorms, laughing all the way.


sorry its a shitty filler chapter

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