Chapter 6

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I don't know how long i have been soaring through space, i lost track of time on my watch.

There is nothing around me, only darkness.

My hope is dwindling, and i start wishing i was home, in my comfy bed.

Feeling too scared to fall asleep, i just stare out the window, as there is nothing else to do but stare and hope for something to happen.

Hearing my stomach growl, i rummage through my box and find a bag of dried fruit to eat. I cautiously shovel what looks like dried bananas into my mouth, while staring out into the void.

Nearing the end of my bag i dump the rest of the crumbs inside my mouth. As i remove the bag from blocking my vision i am startled when i see something in the distance.

A planet that i cannot remember learning about, was just ahead of my pod. It was just a speck in the distance, and yet it held the greatest possibilities.

The only thing i could do was watch the planet come gradually closer to my pod everyday. I could only stare in wonder as curiosity clouded my thoughts.

Would there be any life forms that are from that planet?

Would i be able to breath on that planet?

Would there be food?

Feeling anxious, i grab the picture of my family and hold it to my chest, for the tiniest bit of comfort.

As i keep staring at the planet i notice that i am headed toward its magnetic field, and brace myself for what was about to happen.

The pod starts to shake rapidly with the temperature is rising around me. I hold on the walls around me, so i don't fly all over the pod, and see the unfamiliar ground nearing close.

I close my eyes waiting for impact. Then, everything goes black.

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