Chapter 13 - Look What You've Done To Me

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                Tianna POV

It's been 2 weeks after EJ has been smoking. I used to tell him he needs to stop. When he would be sober, he would say he's gonna quit, but I would always find him high. And occasionally he would become violent if I asked him if he was high. I can't go to my sister and tell her, she's to busy with Demetrice and Darius and Darius' new girl. Selena and Marc are out doing who knows what! I'm all alone. And I've been alone. I've started cutting my wrists. Everytime I see him high, I go to the bathroom and slit my wrists. I know, I know, It's dangerous. But its the only way I can release my pain. Actually, I just finished. I cleaned up hid the towel, and headed out of the bathroom. EJ was sitting on the bed.

        "Hey babe!" Good, he wasnt high.

        "Hey..." I said. He just looked at me. 

        "Come sit by me, let's watch some Spongebob!" I sat next to him. My all time favorite episode was on. Me and him just laughed and giggled. I honestly missed this part of us. What happened?? He then grabbed a pillow and hit me with it and started laughing. I got a pillow and hit him with it. We had a pillow fight. During the pillow fight my sleeve came up. He stopped.

        "Let me see your arm." He said. I shook my head no.  "Tianna, let me see your arm!" He said grabbing my arm and looking at it.  "What the hell is this?? Have you been cutting yourself?" I shook my head yes and started crying.  "W-W-Why are you doing this? Why did you do this?" I looked at him with tears in my eyes.

        "You did this to me! You made me do this. Everytime you'd get high, it's like a whole different EJ. I tried to make you stop before you got addicted, but it was too late...sometimes...sometimes, I pictured you as Darius when you started to get violent. I actualled called you Darius once, but you didnt realize. EJ you need help!! You need it now!!!" He looked at me, then at my wrist, then back at me. A tear fell from his eyes.

        "I can't. I dont know how....I can't."

        "Yes, you can can do it."

        "I need you to be with me by my side. Helping me with this." I sighed and wiped the tears from his eyes. I started to tear up as well. What I was about to say, wasn't what I wanted to say, but needed to say.

        "EJ, I think we need to be apart while you handle this part of your life. I will be there for support and stuff, but I just think that we should break up until you get your life back on track." I cried and left the room not leaving room to hear his opinion. I ran straight into Selena's room, who wasn't there, so I went into Jaida's room and she wasn't there...where is everyone?? I called Selena and she picked up.

        "Sissy! Where are you??" I asked still crying.


        "I'm with Marc, what's going on?" she asked concerned.


        "It's EJ! I need you to come home! I need to talk to you. A.S.A.P"


        "Im on my way!!" And she hung up.


                        Selena POV

I don't know what's up with my sister, but it sounded urgent. I was actually having dinner with Marc's parents.

        "I'm sorry, but I have to go. My sister needs me, " I said excusing myself from the table, "Dinner was very well made. I hope we can sit down another time and get to talk longer." I said my goodbyes as well as Marc's parents. Marc drove me home, only because we took one car. I got home and Tianna was lying on the chair with a blanket over her head. I told Marc to go talk to EJ, while I talk to Tianna. I pulled the cover back and she was blasting music through her headphones with tears in her eyes...She looked a mess.

        "Babygirl sit what's going on??" I asked her while cleaning her up.

        "Ej aljdflkajslfkjafdj high alkdfiafisj he lkfjdafj violent laksfaijflk Darius" She kept crying I could barely understand her.

        "You gotta stop crying sweetheart. I can barely understand you."

        "EJ started smoking and getting high. He began to become like Darius. Violent. And I started cutting myself because I felt like I was alone. You was always gone with Marc, Jaida and Demetrice was to busy with Darius and his new girl...It was all too much..." She started to cry again. I grabbed my sister..  "And to make it worse, I told him he needed to get help."

        "Well what's so bad about that?"

        "I also broke up with him. I told him I would support him, but we just needed to be friends." I hugged her and rocked her back and forth. We laid down on the couch and she just cried and cried. I held her until she fell asleep. And I soon drifted off to sleep.

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