38 - It All Begin at Nightfall

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"I was only taking care of Pyunsuke, so I see no other reason of what could have made me sneeze." Momo gestured to his beetle, his voice brought Rin's train of thought to a stop.

Nitori tilted his head in confusion, "Maybe someone is talking about you?"

Momo grinned and thought for a while, "I wonder who it is.." he said, "Maybe a cute girl! Like.. Like Gou! or.. (Name)!"

"Or your mum." A deep voice came from the door.

Momo looked up to see the figure of Sousuke entering the dorm room, towering over everyone else with his height.

"Ah you're back." Rin gave him a toothy grin and held out his hand. Sousuke then tossed him a can of coke, which Rin immediately opened and chugged down.

Sousuke gave both Momo and anitori their drinks before he went over to his bed and grabbed the folded piece of clothing sitting on top of it.

It was a midnight blue yukata, a contrast to Rin's green one, with a black, pattern-less sash.

He quickly changed and put on his yukata. For a while, his mind traveled to (Name). He wondered what she would wear for tonight, but he was sure she would look beautiful, no matter what she wears.

Soon enough, all four boys are ready to go. They had promised to meet up straight at the location of the festival, specifically, on the entrance. Momo had been jumpy and at the same time, nervous. He would be seeing Gou and (Name). Even though he knew (Name) would most definitely end up being with Sousuke, he is still allowed to think she is cute, right? For now, however, he continued to keep pinning over Gou, much to the annoyance of her older brother.

When they got to the location, Haru and Makoto were already there, still waiting for the rest of their friends. The two, who were standing idly while talking, spotted Momo's fiery hair among the crowd and waved them over.

"Yo!" Rin greeted, offering a high five to Makoto, who, of course, gave him a high five, while Haru simply turned away with a frown. Typical Haru. Rin chuckled.

"Have you been waiting for long?" Nitori asked.

"Nope, we just got here a few minuted ago," Makoto replied, a gentle smile on his face.

"Nagisa and Rei were not with you?" Momo asked as he looked around.

"They'll be here soon I think." Makoto scratched his head.

Sousuke, who had been keeping to himself this whole time, looked at Haru. His teal eyes met Haru's blue ones. He nodded politely, wanting to reassure himself and Haru that they're still cool. After making up at the Samezuka festival. To his relief, Haru nodded back politely, and he sighed in relief. We're cool.

At least now he didn't have to worry about someone disapproving his possible romance with (Name).

"Okay so now all we need to wait for is Nagisa, Rei, (Name), and my sister," Rin mumbled. He knew his sister well enough that he did not even need to call to know that she is probably with (Name), and will be running a few minutes late. As for Nagisa and Rei, the latter would probably be occupied handling the former's mischief, so they both would probably arrive a little late.


"Come on Rei! We're gonna be late!" Nagisa was running down the streets, occasionally glancing over his shoulder to see if his blue haired friend is still following.

"Excuse me? We wouldn't be late if you hadn't spent two hours watching penguin documentaries!" Rei was officially irked off by his friend, "and don't run! You might crash into some-"

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