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7.  Missing Puzzle
Tyler Hayes


"Something is out there and I don't think enough is being done to stop it" Scar said as she bit into her sandwich.

"Hey, my dad is working day in and day out trying to solve these on going cases. There's no connection between the victims and they all died differently so ease up" Cole defended.

"He's right, who ever the killer is...they are covering their tracks really good" James approached the table with his tray of food sitting beside Ava who I could tell literally died on the inside, which was weird because I'm pretty sure she has a boyfriend. The rest of the table didn't seem bothered by him randomly sitting with us but I wasn't thrilled about the idea.

Last night my family and his didn't get the chance to talk like they would've wanted to due to them not complying then the mayor and Sheriff rushing everyone home to be safe. I still believed they were behind this someway somehow. I could feel my blood boiling in his presence as he gave off his smirk before resuming to his food. They were breaking the treaty to be here and I just wanted to know why.

"Do you think it's a who and not a what?" Adam tossed out there.

"I believe it could be both maybe there's more than one killer out there" Ava responded

"Here? In Lockwynne no no I-I don't think so" James said quickly.

"You just moved here what could you possibly know" I broke my silence which landed all the eyes on him.

"Tyler please don't get angry for no reason" Hazel thought, I hated that how she perceived me but I really hated this guy and his family.

"Doesn't mean I haven't been following the news" He shrugged.

"Well whatever is it they need to wrap it quickly I'd like things to go back to the way they were" Scar commented once more.

"I doubt it will. I have a feeling this might be the beginning of something new" James mumbled, that was it his very presence could cause a shift because that's how much he angers me.

I got up from the table taking my school bag with me. I could hear the footsteps of someone following me and as expected I turned to see Hazel.

"Tyler, why are you doing this? Do you not like James?" She finally caught up. I wanted to answer but there's no way she would understand. There's no way I could say it without sounding dumb because to them I just met him so there's no reason to hate him.

"Nah, that's not it" I released a sigh feeling much calmer.

I could tell she was concerned, even though her headspace was empty her face told no lies. She gave a nod probably unsure of what to say then made her way back to the cafeteria. I walked over to my locker to get a book the minute I closed it James was revealed.

"Some people will never change, if you keep up this attitude towards me they'll start to think you're crazy" He released a small laugh.

"What is your deal? Why did you come back?" I had no time to be going around any corners with him.

"Woah there officer"

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