Chapter 89.

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"And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable, distance
And up until now
I had sworn to myself that I'm content
With loneliness
Because none of it was ever worth the risk
But, you are, the only exception"


After our shower and getting dressed, Harry opened the bathroom door to find Ludo sat right outside the doorway, staring at both of us - I know he's a dog, but I swear he's got an accusing look on his face.

Harry paused, looking at Ludo and then glancing to me, looking like a parent that just got busted having sex by their child.

"He probably heard all of that didn't he?" Harry asked, looking sheepish.

"Probably definitely" I tell him, watching his face become more uncomfortable.

Harry stares at Ludo, rubbing the back of his neck "Can you stop looking at me like that? We weren't doin anythin', it's not what you think it was"

I press my fingers to my lips, smiling and stifling a laugh. I shouldn't find it funny, but I never thought I'd see anyone that could make Harry feel uncomfortable being busted having sex, if anything he seems to find the notion amusing usually - but he looks exactly how I did the day that teenager caught us in traffic in the car.

"He'll be fine Harry, he doesn't know what we were doing. He would've just wondered what the noises were" I assure him, and he gives me a disbelieving look and points an accusing finger at Ludo.

"He knows. I can see it in his eyes. He's judging me."

I laugh, covering my mouth and shake my head; and Harry squints at Ludo.

I don't think Harry anticipated this part of bringing Ludo home, he's so use to doing whatever he wants, when he wants and not having to answer to anybody or consider someone else.

It was enough of a learning curb for him when it came to me, but I think it's dawning on Harry that he can't just do what he feels like any more in regards to just having sex any where in the house.

Well technically he still can, but he's going to have to deal with Ludo being the audience and that doesn't seem to be sitting well with him at the moment.

Harry is accustomed to privacy, but he's going to learn that with dogs; just like with children privacy is the last thing you have.

We eventually left the bathroom, walking to the lounge room with Ludo trailing behind us and Harry muttering under his breath something about buying Ludo ear muffs.

We had breakfast, Harry cooking Ludo bacon and sausages that seemed like some kind of apology for what he heard in the bathroom, or maybe it was a bribe to stop staring at Harry accusingly.

I honestly think Ludo was just hungry but Harry was convinced Ludo was staring at him like he had committed a heinous crime.

After we ate, I asked Harry if he wanted his presents yet; breaking my neck to just get giving them to him over with, the anxiety over it itching to get out of my skin.

Harry however was excited, literally acting like a kid on Christmas which warmed my heart to the point I thought it was going to boil.

I went down to my car, where I had been keeping his presents since I bought them, while Harry said he was going to get the presents out of the wardrobe that he had gotten to my surprise.

I had a flutter in my chest that he had gone and gotten me something for Christmas, considering the tradition was so foreign to him. I hadn't expected them from him, that's not why I had bought him presents - just to get something in return, it was just something I wanted to do because I love him and wanted to do that for him.

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